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Power Rangers The Movie (Gameboy) - catchy tunes that beg for sound upgrade

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Many years ago my best friend showed me this Power Rangers The Movie game on the Nintendo Gameboy. This particular version has some pretty cool BGMs that I still enjoy today, despite the 8-bitness.
One thing I particularly like about this OST is that most tracks have a nice intro and follow a AB scheme if I'm not mistaken. There's some interesting rhythms and effects, not to mention memorable melodies.

It isn't easy to get a hold of MIDI files. Here is a YouTube link to a full play through of the game so you can at least hear the music. You'll have to try and ignore the other game sounds.

I would like to hear a remix of any of the tracks below. A sound upgrade with more realistic rock instruments would make me very happy indeed.

1. Mine level (starts at around 2:20 in the video)
2. Boss battle (starts at around 6:46)
3. City level (13:41)
4. Mountain level (17:04)
5. Base level (26:20)

My absolute favorite would be 5, followed by 1 and then 2.

Anyone up for remixing one of these classic tunes?

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