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What happened to the Lufia 2 Battle Remix WIPs?


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I seem to remember two "Lufia 2" remixes on the general battle theme (the one that played during regular battles), that appeared in the WIP section a year or two ago. They were both Rock remixes, and they both were very close to being completed when I last checked. I haven't checked on them since then, but I had downloaded it to my MP3 player and loved listening to the unfinished pieces. My MP3 player broke a little while ago, and now I would like to get those songs back. Does anyone know their status and their whereabouts? I looked in the Lufia 2 remix listing as well as the WIPs. Any mirror of the most recent (or completed) versions of the remixes would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: I found one of them. The title is "Stand Tall", and I found a fairly recent version.

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