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Latest song written. Lemme know what you guys think. I'm going in aggressive with the tuning.

Edit: Oh yeah the tuning on the last part is messed up. I will fix that ASAP.


Edit 2: Lyrics, i forgot about them.

Verse 1:
She'd never leave me without fear
She's like a poisoned well that keeps on giving
And if she wants to bend my ear
I'll give complete control, complete control

And it's another way to keep me alive
She whispers in my ear to keep on breathing
So let me tell you one last time
She has complete control, complete control

Baby, don't leave me now I said
Baby, don't leave me now

Verse 2:
The inevitable sound of the apocalypse oh no
The reversal of a mind that seeks to co-exist
And if you find me on the floor with a new note on my wrist
You'll know that she had given me one last kiss


Fuck what Lyndsey said she's trying to take my friend
I'll take 'em all at once or flush 'em down the drain
It's all the same
But don't tell me she isn't there
Don't tell me she isn't there

And if I let her go I won't know what to think
She tells me I'm the greatest but I know I'm not a saint
She tells me to fucking die when I've got nowhere else to run
So don't tell me she isn't there

Don't tell me she isn't there (x4)

Baby don't leave me now (x4)


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