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  1. I just want to say this artwork is bomb. I want a physical copy real bad.
  2. I love it. That is all.
  3. I love me some AeroZ. You make really good music dude! No exception here.
  4. ad.mixx

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    This is an incorrect opinion. i actually heard it got better with patches...
  5. ad.mixx

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    I really wanted to say this one too, I don't think I've ever played a game that's just so amazing in every single aspect. And it's in my favorite genre of game - the JRPG. I absolutely love how the game tackles some extremely dark themes without taking itself too seriously. A lot of JRPG's tend to fall flat in this area, and it was refreshing to see it done well here. I do wish it would have gone deeper into the villains' backstories, but I think it did well enough.
  6. ad.mixx

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    I'd say Dark Souls. It's really hard for a game to capture every single thing I love about video games into one package (atmosphere, pacing, combat variety, RPG elements) but this game did it with ease. It's honestly the first game in a very long time that made me feel like a kid again. I love it so much.
  7. ad.mixx

    Zelda OoT has still the infamous chanting

    Nice find. I would have never figured this out just by listening. I love the chanting version.
  8. ad.mixx

    Icefall Peak (Original Vgm)

    I love the synths. They sound so fun.
  9. ad.mixx

    The Wolves

    Tell me what you think. I'll be posting more here, but follow on if you're interested as well. Much love guys.
  10. ad.mixx

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    I'm talking about more from a personal perspective, not a business one. Of course I'd never sell anything that's not mine, but I do hold my remixes as close to the heart as my original stuff. They still took time, energy, and a lot of creative energy. They tell just as much of a story about my life as original works. That's what I'm talking about.
  11. ad.mixx

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    I disagree that the songs are never truly "yours". I love my remixes as much as my original stuff, and I will still send them out as demos or whatever. I actually find remixing a much more challenging AND rewarding task, it's just so much more involved and takes a lot more creativity IMO. I can't really explain how. It could just be my process, but I've always found it easier to write original music as you can just take a song anywhere if it's your own idea - but it's much harder to somehow write more onto an already finished idea. This is a dumb analogy but I can easily make a box, but how can I take a box that's already there and make it better? I swear to god I'm not high. To answer the question, I don't really remix much anymore. I do however like to sandwich them in between a lot of original works - they always seem to cure a bad case of writers block. I'll probably remix from now and to then end of my music career. When I get big you can be for damn certain I'll still be submitting stuff here. Something about remixing is just so refreshing and nice.
  12. ad.mixx

    Maybe I

    I feel like I'm getting a little bit better at singing with this one. Still a few flubs here and there but if you got any advice lemme know. I can work on this some more. Verse 1: Maybe I should learn how to sympathize But my heart is beating and my souls alive Maybe I should tell you what you wanna hear But a friend am I, and a friend is all you need Verse 2: Maybe I should tell you all the crazy lies That your future isn't yours and that the fire dies Maybe I should tell you what you wanna hear Slip right back into the pack so I can disappear no no Pre-Chorus Maybe we should take a break now To trample fears, and break the mold I'll Find a way to tell you this truth Chorus: All the people wanna shut the front door Livin' lies is not somethin' I stand for People crying out to their great glory All the children listen to my story Bridge: That a little white boy from the Mississippi said he'd Like it if we could all make amends but a dream I told you it's just a dream And a little black girl from Louisiana said she'd Like it if we could all break some bread but a dream I told you it's just a dream Repeat chorus Repeat verse. edit: So the time between posting this and now I've learned how to manually tune vocals properly. So expect an update to this one. I'll be re-doing the bridge part for sure.
  13. ad.mixx

    Forum username change requests

    That would be great! Thank u
  14. ad.mixx

    Forum username change requests

    Hi, I would like to change my current name "urdailywater" to "ad.mixx" if that is possible. If not then "ad mixx" would work too.
  15. If mods don't feel like this is ready, then I think I'm gonna put it on the back-burner for now. I'm getting burnt out on recording vocals (I'm pretty sure this project is gonna crash if I try to add any more .wav's, lol) It's a very hard song to sing, and I'm pretty much pitch correcting all the way through. I've put a lot of work into it recently, but I really don't know what to think of it now. I feel comfortable performing it live, that's where I want to be at right now. I'll come back to it to re-record vocals (if necessary) closer to my album release. Thanks for listening, I really appreciate the work y'all do here.