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  1. The percussive effects on this are really trippy and cool. Synth design is on point, and the arrangement ideas from the half point onward are awesome. The bass and melody are groovy together. Its a lavender town rave and i like it. Def dling
  2. Really cool drum effects throughout the whole thing. The tensions builds at just the right pace and i think it had a really strong finish. Will dl.
  3. I love the way you transform and layer sounds throughout the piece. Small example was solo synth in the beginning "transforming" into a bass. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this one and i did to.
  4. I am a fan of mr hudak now. He's got an ear after my own heart. Such cool design.
  5. What a cool song. The sound design behind this is obviously very detailed, and even better that the effects on the samples are mixed to be punchy and catchy. Really liking everything about this
  6. You are raising the dead today. I think this thread can legally drive
  7. I love it. It starts off dark, then starts sound inspiring. The lead synth at 1:27 brings back the creepy. I love its texture. What really struck me is how detailed this song is. Lots of love and care put into, as it never sounds dull at any moment while keeping a nice steady energetic beat. 5 star
  8. Yo i love that those drums, the sidechain has just the perfect amount of release making that kick stand out, which is awesome. Beat changes are nice, the swing to the drums gives this a more classic feel, and the instrumentation works so well together, nothing sticks out in a bad way, the whole song just feels so "natural". You would stand out as a hip hop producer if you ever wanted to go that route
  9. I really dig the snare. Compressed very well. Im in the 80's i think Yah this def sounds like MMX but like a more modern version of those songs. So catchy. Im really digging the drum breakdown half way through the song. Just cool sounds in general, and the reverb meshes everything together in a very ethereal way. Great writing on lead solos. Would probably be fun to work out to. Def downloading
  10. Oh man future bass i love it. Works perfectly with this song. The chiptune leads, especially the harmony writing around 3:00 made me feell good. Very creative and interesting. This sounds like a perfect fit for sword and shield ost
  11. I like it a lot the flow is great and honestly never felt vocals were off. Maybe a bit more compression but it still is listenable and very catchy. I like the chorus interjections, this gives off a very old school hip hop vibe. Good job
  12. Very good stuff xprtnovice no idea you were so good at orchestral stuff. Its got a range of emotion in it which is good. The ending was fun and sweet too. I love hearing all those zelda melodies like that.
  13. You have a very pretty voice. It sounds like it could be in an rpg easily, like being sung in a tavern in skyrim, or maybe even something from lord of the rings. The guitar is very nice as well. Its all very uplifting in a way.
  14. I like the atmosphere a lot. The lofi stuff makes it cute. The detune on the lead is a cool effect, but when the strings come to back it up in its gives it a lot more flavor and the call and response parts are pleasant. The detail in this song is subtle but its more than enough to make the whole 6 minutes worth. Good job.
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