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Dark Souls Inspired - Jolly Cooperation


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Bit of an odd one here - it's a concept piece inspired by Solaire and his unwavering faith and love for the sun.
I tried to empathise with that feeling of pure enamourment and immediately thought of my wife, which made writing lyrics really easy.

Musically, it's a bit on the heavy side, but I think there's something there for everyone, if you're not too limited in your tastes.
I'd adore some feedback, whether it's about structure, the mix or even tones. Though, please keep in mind that this is only about 80% complete - I'm touching and tweaking the middle bit and some of the vocals need a bit of a polish/ re-recording.

Thanks in advance :grin: - lyrics are at the bottom.


With the thirst of the flora,
I open my arms,
Craving aurora,
I yearn for the sun.

Faith and honour, as pure as the water,
As sure as I suffer, I will burn until I'm bone.
Faith and honour, as pure as the water,
Sure as I will suffer, I will never die alone.

The grace of another,
The failing of want,
Through an end sought together,
I become the sun.


My faith bathes me with fire,
(When I can't feel your warmth)
My faith blinds me with light,
(When all I see is dark)
My faith bathes me with fire,
(When death has overcome)
My faith blinds me with light,
(When I can't see the sun)


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