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GunGirl 2


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Could someone explain to me why there are no remixes for the awesome littles pieces we can find in that soundtrack ?
Examples :

1) GunGirl 2 OST - 12-Gauge Rave


This one reminds of an awesome piece of music made by Jim Guthrie, it has many parts. Cant stop listening to it.

2) GunGirl 2 OST - Phantasmagoria


3) GunGirl 2 OST - Phantasmagoria Ex



(this one reminds of the theme playing while prisscila yoma version appears on the anime CLAYMORE)


4) GunGirl 2 OST - The Unforgiven

This one is also great:


5) GunGirl 2 OST - Gloria Fatalis


6) And the last one, the one i loved from the start

GunGirl 2 OST - No Looking Back!


Have you listened to any of them?

I need more remixes from this awesome ost ('i dont like all parts, only those i mentioned).


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