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Castlevania -Bloody Tears Funky Remix

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Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to music production. I've been listening to video game cover bands/OCR for a long time though, and wanted to try contributing.

I've actually submitted this mix once already, but this was before I realized that there was literally an awesome forum for feedback and suggestions!


Please let me know if there's anything specific I should work on. My most recent feedback was to try to vary the parts a little bit with each repetition, and so I've tried to make the bass and drums feel more dynamic.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


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I want to like this so much, but three things are seriously holding me back on it.
First and the largest, is the reverb you use. It sounds like the whole song is being played into a metal tube and you recording the out come on the other side. It's really jarring.

Second is the glass chords you introduce at 0:10. They do not work well with this. The further the song progresses, the more they hurt my ears. The clash too much with everything else. Try some different instruments for them.
Third is the vocals. I did not expect them (not a bad thing), they are very loud compared to everything else. I like the idea of adding them, but when they come in, they scream "LISTEN TO THESE VOCALS". Take a more subtle approach to them.

This is so close to being a great remix.

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Thank you for the feedback. Like I said I'm pretty new to this, so everything helps.

I will try to play around with the reverb some more so that it doesn't give the "tube" effect so much. I actually just put some reverb onto all the tracks, but wasn't sure how to dial it in to tasteful levels.

Do you think that the glass chords/electric piano sound had too much treble? Or that the actual notes didn't go well with everything else?

Yeah, I kind of sprinkled the quotes everywhere, I will tone them back a bit and put them in more logical spots.

Thanks again for the help.

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It is tough to say if it's the chords themselves or the instrument being used. It sounds like both. If you want to check, replace it temporarily with a clean instrument like a piano, with no FX on it. If the chords sound clean and still work with the song, then you know it is the synth/fx you chose. That will give you a good start on fixing it.

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