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  1. You use EW? I love that sample set. I've been using them since 2006, back when you had to buy them physically like this: I still have them installed lol. They work really well.
  2. Have you directly messaged an Admin? or emailed them? Posting here isn't the first place I would go.
  3. No problem! Working with EQ levels takes time and practice. But it works wonders for getting the right tones for instruments.
  4. I like this alot! It has good atmosphere. It's been a long time since I've listened to any Halo. With the strings, I like the sound, but the EQ is super treble heavy. Needs more mid and lows. If you listen to real orchestral recordings, they all have really good mids and lows. This is because string instruments themselves cover mostly low to mid with some highs (Viola and Violin). Strings are mostly used to give depth and body to whatever they are playing. So mess with the EQ settings to make it more full. Also after listening to it a few times. Alot of the track is lacking mid to low tones. Especially 1:40 to 3:15. Again, EQ tuning will help with alot of this. Next is what I make out to be the Bass Drum around 2:45 or so. I can barely make it out. You got some good foundation here. I look forward to seeing your progress!
  5. Groove Machine is a good plugin that I use to organize all the samples FL has. You can assign each key to a different sample similar to how soundfonts works. It also has some good presets already setup too. You can also go to Packs -> Loops and then drag a loop you like to Fruity Slicer. Then set "Dump to Piano Roll". It does a pretty good job setting each sample to a key, so you can change the riff around.
  6. Yes, I was referring to the choir. It sounds like it was played through an old gramophone lol. As for the drums, FL studio has some good basic riff kits you can play with. And if you're looking for some idea where to start, you could always listen to the Smash OSTs. They are a good start for what kind of drums work for instrumental remixes.
  7. I'm a huge fan of synthwave and soft style synth music. This is my take on "Sanctuary of Zi'Tah" from Final Fantasy XI's Expansion "Rise of the Zilart". I went for a slow and relaxing remix. I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I'm about 90% with the ending. Enjoy! Remix: Source:
  8. You have a good idea going! But let's work on some basics first as to not overwhelm you. I'll start with the basic idea of the track itself. You imagine this as a Smash course song, but as it sits, I don't think it has enough energy yet. Some more drum work and adding some bass in there will help wonders to get that energy. If you listen to the remix tracks that the Smash games use, they all have energy throughout. Even more "symphonic" style themes, remixed for Smash, have energy. You start to build it nicely with the orchestral drums, but it needs more once the theme kicks in. Now onto the instruments themselves. You have a pretty good selection for what I think would fit in Smash. Only exception is the chorus that you use. Its way too muffled. If you can't find any free VSTs, there are plenty of open and free sound fonts that can do the job. Also as stated earlier, a good bass instrument (I prefer synth types for energy tracks), would do great as well. Last for now is when you add the main theme at 1:16 and 3:00. This is almost an exact rendition of the original track. If you are going to use the same instrument for the theme, try slight variations on the theme or change it's structure so it doesn't seem so slow (could be the lack of energy that's emphasizing the slowness). Even better, try increasing the tempo a bit. That might help too with the theme. Comparing yours with the source you provided, makes it almost seem the same. We can work on mastering and such as we go. Hope that helps! Good start!
  9. For some reason, it says I do not have permission to view your attachment. Can you upload it somewhere else so we can take a listen?
  10. Cool to see a DnB remix of Metroid! I think that style fits it very well. Though like Souperion said, that drumline is way too repetitive. Change it up, especially around the mid way mark when you add in the theme. I know DnB repeats alot of the same drum lines, but they still change it up to match the song. Definitely still cool and atmospheric.
  11. This is a very well done arrangement, but I have one huge problem. That ocarina is not the best. It's so out of place and out of tune, like a cheap soundfont. I would replace it with something more realistic/intune, or maybe a pan flute? You did do a good job stretching out a 5 sec tune to a full track. But I think 3 minutes might be a stretch without adding some original melodies or arrangements of the main melody in there. Even if you only change the ocarina, this is still a relaxing track.
  12. This is nice! I'm with Souperion on the balancing of channels. Your lead is definitely a bit too soft. The bass line drowns it just a tad. On your double kicks, try lowering the volume on the off hit. When both notes of the double kick are the same velocity, it tends to over power the beat. You have a cool track, fits the Sonic style very well.
  13. Hello everyone! Been a long time since I've posted anything on here (over a decade!). I have here a dance style remix of "Rebel Army" from Final Fantasy II, titled "Rebels Like to Dance Too!". I consider this pretty much complete and ready for submission, but want some feedback first. Thanks! -Brink Source:
  14. even now, i still enjoy listening to this song. so cool
  15. this is a superb mix, well rewritten and well played. this is another song that goes in my hall of fame. and by the way Seth Huber, this does not sound synthesized, i think you listen to too much techno, trance, and the such.