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  1. I know you've been busy Trism, but have you had a chance to go over my latest update?
  2. I knew about the accusations against Soule for a long time, well before I came into the project. I'm in the same mindset as djpretzel. I enjoy the music, but not the person. I'm still on board for this project.
  3. I went through several albums that I have, and I didn't find anything. But the fan made album scene for the Chrono series is huge. I remember Chrono Compedium had a huge database on them.
  4. I'll go through all the Chrono doujinshi albums that I have. I'm with Taucer that I've heard this too.
  5. I don't think so. Using a program to master a track outside of its original source is pretty normal. I use Sony Soundforge along with FL Studio.
  6. Mostly its all EQ. There is very little lows to mids. This is causing it to sound like it's being played through a handheld speaker (gameboy, gamegear, etc). If you played with the EQ it would bring this out quite alot.
  7. I like this quite a bit! It's cool to see genesis style FM tracks. Currently my biggest thing is that the sound is too thin. Like it is being played back through a Game Gear speaker. It lacks the depth and fullness the original had. I also second DarkSim on the arrangement itself. I can tell the differences between yours and the source, but only so. If I did a remix of a track using similar instruments and/or style, I would try to enhance or take my arrangement higher than the source. Good take though!
  8. This is absolutely fantastic. I love that bass! Always good to see a mv mix!
  9. I've been focusing mostly on the COVID folding. Its cool they can let you focus on that.
  10. I think its a misstep. Now I like the ideas they have and what they are trying to do to make it different from FF7, especially as you go on. However! The execution of those ideas, well, it is very poor. The voice acting is terrible. A big portion of the dialog seems cliche, and it hurts to listen to, even in Japanese w/subs. There are several scenes that are awkward, characters that act awkward. I really want to like this. I like the idea of seeing Midgar fleshed out. But everything is so hollow. I'm getting serious FFXV vibes from it and Square is going down a road I don't think they can come
  11. I'm not an expert on this but I usually follow Creative Commons License when it comes to people asking to use my music (Remix or Original). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license Now if you create your music with no intent for profit, the user of your remix needs to follow this as well. If they plan to use the music in a game meant for profit, it goes against what your license originally intended when you first wrote the piece. This gets even more complex if the company/composer who owns the original rights, allows remixes as long as no profit is made whatsoever unless
  12. VRChat has always interested me, just never used it. Sounds cool! Gives me another reason to use my headset.
  13. It is tough to say if it's the chords themselves or the instrument being used. It sounds like both. If you want to check, replace it temporarily with a clean instrument like a piano, with no FX on it. If the chords sound clean and still work with the song, then you know it is the synth/fx you chose. That will give you a good start on fixing it.
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