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  1. even now, i still enjoy listening to this song. so cool
  2. this is a superb mix, well rewritten and well played. this is another song that goes in my hall of fame. and by the way Seth Huber, this does not sound synthesized, i think you listen to too much techno, trance, and the such.
  3. this is one of the best piano arrangements of metroid i have ever heard. it's like the space pirates and samus are friends for one day. hehe i love it, so well written.
  4. one of the first remies i listened to. very nice and yes, when i listened the first time i did notice that the trumpet was not in fact real. but all in all the rest makes up for it. this is a great sounding song. goes in my hall of fame.
  5. i can probably do this. i can download at 500kbs and upload up to 100kbs.
  6. this is a great piece! and done very well and quick since the game came out last year! such a superb piece with a lovely harp and choir, adn just about everything is great! 10/10
  7. this is the first song i ever downloaded from ocremix, way back about a week after it got posted. this was my favorite song for a while. but now it isn't. there is so much dj starchild could have done. Bd is too soft and quiet. needs more oomph . the 2nd melody seems to overpower everthing else, it just pissed me off. this is a average track.
  8. i downloaded this one when it first came up (i wasn't a member then) it's great to hear this song over and over again. just like Ginnsu said, it does make me wish a millieum would happen more often. This is a great techno track. The BD is very well done with enough punch to get those Sub woofers going, but not too much where it blows out peoples ears and kills everyone. This track has a very interesting melody arrangment/variation. great work with it. Very nice intro, barely there but gets louder. The voices are good, but was unexpected. at first i didn't understand what he was saying. the second time i turned it up and listened even closer. got it! now it makes sense with the song. this is a great track, done very well, and deserves to keep its place on oc remix!!
  9. ahhhhhh......what a great relaxing piece. this song is very well put together. great.....well....EVERYTHING!!!! nice piano, especially when it is distorted. i have seen pretty bad distorted piano, and man this sone was done with exceptional greatness!
  10. this is by far the greatest remix of to far away times in history! the guitar is superb to the max! great drums. though some of the drum things don't sound real. listen very closely. the pads weren't something i expected, but i got over it. the pads should have been removed. this song still kicks major roxor ass! 12804619463273567342507546176547885349856173846874657816/10!!!!