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Meteo Xavier

Looking For Original SNES Compositions For Compilation

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Hi there. For years I have had a small SFC/SNES group called SFCaliber and for years I have wanted to release some SFC/SNES original music under that brand. I think I'm finally in a position to do so, so I'd like to make a call out to any one who has does any original compositions with SFC/SNES instruments to PM me about inclusion into a compilation release.

* It's a FREE album, so there is no payment or money exchange of any kind. It's purely for the art and fun of it. I won't be monetizing anything or having ads or backend financing either. For that reason, I am largely asking for tracks anyone has already done and finished so that I'm not asking for free work/effort that hasn't already been done.
* Preference towards really "meaty" content - not just 45 second Final Fantasy battle or Super Mario World stage BGM knockoffs. Tracks more than 2:30 in length with some real compositional content and identity is what I'm looking for. They CAN be video-game sounding tracks that loop twice or whatever, but they need to be pretty interesting and long all the same.
* Tracks that are 95% or more made up of SNES instruments only, please. Not really interested in hybrids between SNES samples and other chip sounds or commercial samples. Super Audio Cart is fine.
* It will be released on my Bandcamp page for free with information specifically crediting each artist for their tracks.

I think that's all I have to write on that for now. Please PM me if interested. Thank you!

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