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Deus Ex Definitive Orchestral Edition


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This is a labor of love. With each track I try to capture some of what I perceived to be the intent of the original tracks. From the militaristic-bureaucratic bustle of UNATCO, to the windy quiet of Liberty Island, to the blast of chopping wind as a helicopter takes JC to his destination. The goal is to stay as true to the original as possible, but with some modern flair where technology is more capable now. Long way to go, but some of the tracks so far: 


UNATCO Theme: 



Liberty Island Ambience: 



Battery Park Chopper Ride: 




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Sorry man, cant comment on the music too meaningfully here.

Fix your links, these tracks are probably missing out on a lot of attention due to a silly formatting error.

Cool stuff though! I really liked the Liberty Island Theme It was close enough to the original to make me a little nostalgic.I'll wait for more!

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