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  1. Great song to cover, amazing soundtrack. The drums kinda feel like theyre separate from the track, could be theyre waay too loud. the pitch and timbre of them are also quite distracting. How are you mixing and recording these? Keep working on this though, i'd love to hear it develop. PS: I checked your score ranking cover aswell, it also has a nice extension of the originals ideas. Keep at it man.
  2. Hi Again Got a new remix, Izayoi from the Shiboi 3 Soundtrack. Its always been one of my favourites. Here's hoping i can do it justice. If i can get this one sounding good enough, i'll probably submit it to the site for judging. I felt the song needed a laid back hiphop/Trap/Drill style of sorts. I'd love any feedback or criticism on the mix, composition, arrangement etc. Thanks for your Time!! Remix: Original:
  3. Sorry man, cant comment on the music too meaningfully here. Fix your links, these tracks are probably missing out on a lot of attention due to a silly formatting error. Cool stuff though! I really liked the Liberty Island Theme It was close enough to the original to make me a little nostalgic.I'll wait for more!
  4. Dude this has improved quite a bit. Good Going! Love all the little details and flourishes. The bassline is a touch repetitive,maybe some small changes every once in a while to break up the DRIVING SYNTHWAVE ENERGY ever so slightly. The mix sounds like it could do with a bit more top end to me, but thats subjective. As it is, i'd happily play it alongside the original
  5. Thanks for the advice, ive gone over it again with all of your critiques in mind. The changes made arent massive so ill update and submit. Thanks again.
  6. CPS2 Era Capcom had some of the nicest tracks. This is one of my faves. THe orchestral bits are a really nice touch the guitars and drums could be a touch louder though.
  7. i like the overall feel, the ostinato from the start til about 1:44, stands out to me as needing some variation, filter sweeps or a difference in articulation, somehting along those lines. This is all IMO ofcourse. What i liked in the original track (and most of the DKC tracks for that matter) is the clever use of filters to change the timbre slightly over the course of the track.I like your choice of instruments and your mix is nice and clear. Another personal preference thing, like Black_Doom Mentioned the drums could be beefed up a bit. maybe some stronger hihats at 16ths for that DRIVING SYNTHWAVE ENERGY. Then you could messa bout with kicks on the 1 and 3, then switch to on each beat for emphasis. with a sidechain compression swell. it'd be swell. Sorry i digress, cool track man, just needs a little more variation.
  8. I had the swing cranked up to 75% , probs a bit much you're right, ive tried it lower it to 40% sounds more manageable, less stumbling in places. With the intro i wanted to give enought time for the evolving pad sound and guitar to build. The comp section i was hoping for something a touch gentler, TBh i'm not that experienced writing melodic content, so i tried to be conservative, the string of notes is getting toned down a bit for sure hahaha. Thanks for the critique. Yeah, once ive got it to an acceptable state ill submit it. In the meantime, ill make some changes, and repost.Cheers.
  9. Super Street Fighter 2 - T Hawk Theme Remix (UPDATED) Hi! Hoping to get some feedback on this remix ive done. I'm mostly done with it but i'm trying to polish it up. Some questions. Is it too busy, cluttered sounding? Is it too bass heavy? I tried a brighter variant with more mids and went back to this. The instrumentation ok? Also if you spot any faux pas in there that ive missed, let me know and i'll argue that it was intentional :P Thanks for the advice, ive made some small updates.less swing, levels on pads changed in places. added some definition to the lead sound (hopefully). layered a couple more instruments the comp section, ive made it a little better. sorry liontamer, i didnt change it that much i kinda like the simplicity of it. I'm hoping to get this to a point where i can submit it. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Remix:(updated version) Original: