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Chrono Trigger Anniversary Project (many musicians needed)

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Hello OCR community! Some of you know me from a single OCR remix (Dark Star Scherzo from Secret of Mana... it's ancient history) and others know me because of my activity in the VGM scene.

I am searching for a wide variety of instrumentalists (and 2 or 3 vocalists) for my Chrono Trigger project, a 12-track album of arrangements dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Chrono Trigger (which was back in March 2020!) Recruitment is happening early due to anticipated difficulty of finding performers for certain instruments.

-be able to record your instrument/voice in high quality, and can provide examples of your HQ work
-be able to perform your part from the files provided: you will receive 1) midi file, 2) a full mp3 synth mock-up of the track, and 3) an mp3 of your part in isolation.
-be OK with multi-tracking as needed (the parts will be aligned for you)
-must love the Chrono series!

List of performers needed:

(Red = Still needed, Green = already recruited)

Keyboard/Synthesizer (mainly for 1. a smooth, full, rich "warm pad" patch, and 2. Hammond organ, something approximating the sound of this example or this example (Korg CX3?))
Kalimba (mainly tuned in D, but others as well--multitracked)

Low Whistle

Double Bass

Acoustic Guitar
12-String Guitar
Electric Guitar
Electric Bass

Dulcimer (hammered)

Ability to sing in the style of Japanese folksong, as performed by:
-the late Eri Kawai (example Kirite)
-Eri Ito (example Panzer Dragoon Orta)

Ability to sing in the style of Arabic or Indian folksong (example)

Drums (multi-tracked as necessary--must be able to perform part exactly as heard (within reason) from provided audio files, including midi. Sound: I need a set that approximates the sound heard in this example; of special importance is the snare, seems to have a really loose belt with a very wide attack)

Miscellaneous percussion (maracas, egg shakers, triangle, wood block, congas, djembe, etc.--message me first, there are a lot)


Other roles requested:

Cover art that is Chrono-series-related

Mixing consultant/engineer
For consulting purposes, AND/OR mixing. Experience with world/folk music desired. This role may not require any actual engineering, but a willingness is appreciated. Please contact me for details.

Roughly until the end of 2020. It seems that many of us have plenty of time now, whether we like it or not... but the constant state of things may require changes.

Please send me (via PM or email) an HQ example of your work. Please also write a little something about why you love the Chrono series! (that includes Trigger, Cross, or Radical Dreamers)

Also, ¡se habla español! If you know of someone who plays quena or zampoña and can record in HQ, but isn't involved in online activities, please let me know!

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