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  1. Hello OCR community! Some of you know me from a single OCR remix (Dark Star Scherzo from Secret of Mana... it's ancient history) and others know me because of my activity in the VGM scene. I am searching for a wide variety of instrumentalists (and 2 or 3 vocalists) for my Chrono Trigger project, a 12-track album of arrangements dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Chrono Trigger (which was back in March 2020!) Recruitment is happening early due to anticipated difficulty of finding performers for certain instruments. Requirements: -be able to record your instrument/voice in high qua
  2. Mega Man XA is an alternative retelling of the original Mega Man X--somewhat of a "reboot", if you will. The entirely fictional game contains the same basic characters and premise of the original, but with a different plot. This album is the imagined "original soundtrack" to Mega Man XA, featuring the music of several video game music composers arranged by myself into a Mega Man X "style". An essential part of this was my use of the Mega Man X soundfont by Dave Harris. With instruments pulled straight from the original MMX, I aimed to create an authentic-sounding soundtrack using a wide variet
  3. My sudden inspiration was helped along by the miraculous revival of my music PC, which had seemingly died months ago. In any event, I once again have the capability to produce high quality audio files and I'm taking full advantage of the fact. That said, I'd like to introduce "Ignis' Theme", the first composition in a small project I've begun: an unofficial OST to FFXV. I'd love to hear your comments! Let me know how the track makes you feel, whether or not it fits the character (what little we know if him), if you'd like to hear it in-game over and over again, what it reminds you of, et
  4. Cover art designed by Kayin In the Spring of 2011, I came up with a crazy idea. I wanted to make an RPG soundtrack--a big RPG soundtrack. Like those big three and four-disc sets we became accustomed to beginning in the mid-to-late 90s. Final Fantasy VII, Breath of Fire III, Genso Suikoden II... you get the idea. It started with a modest thread over at rpgamer.com where I asked the community to hit me with their original RPG ideas, from characters to places to plot concepts. The collaborative brainstorming yielded a wide variety of ideas, which I then compiled, revised, synthesized, and or
  5. Hi everyone. I'm hard at work on an arrangement project which I don't want to spoil too much of with details--but I will say that I am in need of a skilled pixel artist who is comfortable doing 16-bit era-themed work. In particular, I need someone who with the skill and desire to create Mega Man X-style cover art. The cover art itself will mimic a certain menu screen in-game. Timeframe is negotiable, although I'm aiming to release the album at the end of this month. PM me, post here, or email me via gmail: jschwebke Related vgmdb entry is here: http://vgmdb.net/album/22728
  6. Finally, an update! In my last post, way back in October, I stated we had over half of the project done. Today, my "completed" folder contains 93 finished tracks. How's that for progress? I don't have an ETA for the project at this point, but hopefully it's apparent that we're making good time. Aside from those last seven tracks, I'll be setting up an official website along with a nice album entry at vgmdb.net. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for a "demo" of the project to contain hand-picked samples from the soundtrack. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in joining the projec
  7. Wow! Progress has been moving along so fast I forgot to update this thread. Currently, all 100 tracks have been claimed. Of those, an impressive 56 tracks are complete. We have a lovely website at http://sjmmusic.de/projectvgm/tracks.php (which will switch hosts eventually--stay tuned). Here you can listen to completed music. Alternatively, our sound cloud group is also up-to-date and is open for comments & criticism: http://soundcloud.com/groups/project-vgm
  8. EDIT: Next batch of available tracks will be listed upon reaching of the first deadline.
  9. Thanks for the responses so far and offering your services! As of this posting, only 21 tracks are still available! So, if you read about this project and haven't decided yet, now might be a good time to do so.
  10. Orchestral, folk, ethnic, prog rock, electronica, jazz, etc. is all fine. Or your own unique blend or style. Please listen to the music of the games/series I listed to get an idea. I'm only explicitly banning really heavy, hyper, grungy rock; electronic dance music (not all electronic music); chip tunes (best saved for a project dedicated specifically that genre); and vocal pop. Allow me to select a variety of tunes that would exhibit acceptable styles for this project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47qlL8fvMcE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZHUH2LE_zA http://www.youtube.com
  11. Welcome to "Project VGM"--official title TBD until we think of a better one! At the beginning of the summer, I came up with an interesting idea. I love RPGs, and I love RPG soundtracks--and lots of aspiring composers do too. I wondered: could we all come together with our various styles and visions and create an original RPG soundtrack? Of course we would need an RPG first, right? Gathering up concepts from forumers at RPGamer.com, we solved that problem. I compiled our various ideas and arranged them into the narrative framework of a typical Japanese-style RPG, represented by a soundtrack la
  12. Thanks Gintoki, I'll be in contact with you. The sound quality is adequate for what I'm looking for. dannthr and XST: I'm no stranger to paid work, and just recently finished work on a large-scale project (over 2 hours of original music, all composed and produced by myself). It was exhausting, particularly the production part of it. When taking on these new projects, I specifically went into a particular community knowing I wouldn't find paid work. And I'm enjoying it a lot. See, professional composition was originally going to be the Big Plan for my life. But, that changed, and for the bett
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