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Chrono Trigger Remix

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Oh cool! You are remixing the Undersea Palace theme. Sweet. Let's see where it goes.

About midway listening to it... No, not so sweet. It's a repetitive midirip. I have nothing to say about it really. Listen to the existing mixes of the theme (which includes an OCR classic by COTMM , and, incidentally, I have a remix of this theme too) and take some pointers from there.

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Yeah dude some of the ideas are cool. It does get repetative though. Also that intro sound, is way too scratchy. It's a good idea but in it's current state it's not listenable.

A big thing thing that would be good to concrentrate on is prob sound design. Work on fleshing out these sounds. Layering, good use of effects, and getting some good non-piercing sounds in the higher EQ range to even things out would be a good idea.

Try to vary up the 4 on the floor in places a bit. You to lead into a new section or something.

Those voices at 1:53 are pretty cool, integrate more shite like that.

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Man, what a great source tune. I had forgotten about that one.

Anyways, yeah work with the scratching sound in the intro. Maybe try a different instrument for the brass hits around 1:05, and right after at 1:25 would be a perfect candidate for a new section. Right now, everything after 1:25 the listener has heard verbatim until 2:20, and even then it's really similar to what you had before. Good luck.

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