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  1. Villainelle

    OCR02079 - Final Fantasy VI 'Lost Forever'

    I'm with Vigilante's opinion in the judging forum. The riffage and instrumentation is great, smooth and evocative. Unfortunately, the monotonous drum loop gets on my nerves. Just a little more variation could've brought this mix way up. Anyway, expecting even better mixes from this guy in the future. Keep at it, man.
  2. Villainelle

    Ask the Mass Effect 2 Composers! Congrats BGC!

    Congratulations to the Mass Effect 2 music team for your triumphant work. The score of Mass Effect 2 plays a large part in lifting the game into an intense, cinematic experience that will linger in the minds of gamers for a long time to come. Questions for Jimmy Hinson: Could you talk about what the workflow was like with Jack Wall and his team? How much did you know about the plot and details of Mass Effect 2 while composing? What kind of direction were you given from Bioware? What was it like playing Mass Effect 2, a hugely-anticipated game with a passionate fanbase, and hearing your own compositions during gameplay? Questions for Jack Wall: How did you end up adding Jimmy Hinson to your team? Were you familiar with his video game remixes before recruiting him? What do you think of video game music remixing communities like OCReMix? Are you a gamer? What are some of your favorite games? All the best, Leah Raeder
  3. Villainelle

    OCR01980 - Kingdom Hearts 'Destiny Forgotten'

    This one's tough. The instrumentation is lovely, and at certain points, particularly when the singer drops into a lower range, the vocals work very well--for example, the latter part of Japanese bridge. I think the problem may be that for the majority of the track, the singer is singing far outside of her range, leading to a strained, monotonous quality that desperately tries to hit notes, rather than evocatively explore them. As Monobrow said, there is a lack of control of the voice at these points. It is a bit harsh on the ears. Cheers for the singer's effort and courage. Hopefully you continue to practice and gain control over your voice, as you would any instrument.
  4. Transporting. Everyone's contributions shine through, though the cello ends up stealing the show.
  5. Finally, someone remixed Wandering Ghosts! Phenomenal work riffing it up here. Yeah, the percussion is a bit hissy, but it's venial. Props props.
  6. Villainelle

    OCR01820 - Super Metroid "In Your Prime"

    The racing arpeggios in this track capture that epic, timeless, lonely feeling of big space that Metroid evoked so superbly. This mix is transporting. Love your work, Jimmy.
  7. Villainelle

    OC ReMix Logo?

    I thought Rama did? But yeah, a higher profile one might get some more attention.
  8. Villainelle

    OC ReMix Logo?

    Hmmmmm. You guys need some sweet official OCR album art. Imma hook yous up.
  9. Villainelle

    Happy Birthday, djpretzel!

    Happy birthday, Dave. Thanks for one of the best sites on the web.
  10. Villainelle

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Tempus Aeterna' (Temple of Time)

    The harmony is really weird in this. I'm not sure much of it works. There's also no real sense of progression.
  11. The production on this track is so pristine and palpable it seems to crystallize in the air around you. Charming arrangement full of subtle percussive touches that reward repeated listens. What a gracefully majestic return from McVaffe. Moar plz.
  12. Villainelle

    Condolences/Prayers/Best Wishes to Reuben Kee's Family

    My deepest condolences to Reuben's family. Your son touched the lives of many thousands of people across the world through his music, art, and life. He lives on every time we listen to that music and remember him. May he know the same joy and peace he has given us.
  13. Villainelle

    Voices of the Lifestream Music Videos

    I watched a few minutes of Every Story, v2... Hate to be harsh, but I stopped watching because there's minimal editing here. These are mostly just long segments from the original CG scenes. There's no sense of narrative/storytelling, no real emotion evoked. And we're not even getting into effects, transitions, anything... Narrative basics: Think about what you're trying to convey. Imagine you're telling a story, or describing an emotion or idea in detail, etc. Take the footage you have and cut it around interesting elements: a smile, a hand reaching to the sky, etc. Order those into a new story following the music. Think of it like a collage. Technical basics: Hope this helps. I gotta get back to working on my entry.
  14. Villainelle Logo Design Contest

    !!! I am totally in for this. I just won a logo contest recently and got a taste for it. And while the cause was nice, the prizes sucked! VGM merch == win. Some advice for you guys, though--you should REALLY have people submit a vector image, not a raster. Any time you resize a raster image, even if it is by a very small amount, you introduce artifacts. Sizing it down is still not safe; edges become blurry and proportions can be lost etc. GL, hope you get some good submissions!
  15. Oh shi~, I should check this forum more often. I'll try to get something done for this if I have time. And you do have permission to post my alt album art, btw. Peace. Yeah, I'm definitely in. Did some brainstorming, quite excited. Just need to decide between Deliverance or Crossroads. Anyone know of good sources for high-quality, non-watermarked rips of the cinematics from the games? I'm guessing this is a dubious legal area, so if it's not okay to discuss on the forum that's cool. PMs would be appreciated though.