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Rough Mario Blues Harmonica thing.


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Uh, first off, I can't really read sheet music, so I'm not entirely sure what the exact notes for the Mario music is. I'm also not playing by ear so much as I'm playing from memory at the moment. The songs I'm playing are the main theme, underground theme, and the water theme from the original.

The first theme I think is decent, I just need to clean it up. The second and third I don't even think are recognizable. Also, there's no transition between the first and second. However, I just want people's opinions before I go through the pains of translating sheet music into regular ABC notes and translating notes into harmonica tabs and finding a couple of friends to play a few things in the back.

Edit: Also, this one's a little more recognizable. It's in the 3rd position whereas the first one was in the 1st.


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Haha, this is cool. You could totally do a wild west version of Super Mario if you wanted. Anyway, here's my two-cents.

First off, I like the blues version more than the not blues version. It has a more unique sound.

I can understand what I'm listening to up until 42 seconds of the song in the first link. The really quick jumpy notes suggesst that's the underground theme but I could be wrong. I'm not sure where the third theme is but I'm assuming it's after that.

I think it's a good idea and that you should go for it. However, the song needs to be cleaned up a lot. It's hard to listen to Mario music if it doesn't sound like Mario Music. I also think that transitions should be added for each theme. They don't have to be long. It could be a measure or two and I'd think it'd get the job done. Definately get some people for background. The melody needs something to support it.

That's all I have to say and now I'm off to bed since it's really late.

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This is a pretty cool idea. You could make a really cool mario mix using a harmonica, you just need the right stuff to back the melody up. And there are a couple parts (mainly the beggining) where it sounds nothing like Mario but your supposed to add some stuff like that in a mix. I got a harmonica for Christmas but I'm not anywhere near playing Mario on it yet. I hope to hear more from you.

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Thanks for the positive input. :D

Well, I'm going to need a good deal of help with this, mostly because I lack a lot of technical musical skill, like reading music. I found sheet music for the piano for the main Mario theme and managed to barely turn it into dumbed down note-by-note stuff. So, I ended up with E E E C E G A and so on, which I then put into harmonica tab, so you end up with 6 6 6 5 6 7 4 and so on. If you want to play the very beginning of Mario with your harmonica, there you go. =P

Then, I put that into the 1st position draw, which is I think called transposing? I play everything on the left side of the harmonica instead of towards the right, basically. So, the notes themselves aren't the actual Mario theme notes anymore but I'm still playing basically the same way I played on the right side, except I'm drawing air in to bend the notes and it's on the left.

Diatonic harmonicas are made to play only natural notes, by the way. On the not so blue, this is why some of the notes sound a little bent or distorted: they're either flats or sharps. On the blues version, all the notes are bent a lot and without any musical reason, thus attaining 'blues', I guess.

I think it would help a lot if I actually had the notes to the Mario overworld theme, the Underground theme, and the Underwater theme. As of right now, I'm playing by ear, and doing so rather horribly, I'd say. >_o;

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