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  1. Just wanted to say I enjoyed this! Nice arrangement dude! As for the drum-mixing, I feel like they're being lost under all the guitars at some points in the song. It is kind of hard to bring midi drums out and make them sound good, but you could probably fiddle with the EQ and levels a bit.
  2. Lol, don't know if this would fit a ballroom dance, but this was the first thing that came to mind:
  3. Good news! The guy I was competing with messaged me and said he didn't mean to win the way he did, and that he would message the car dealership and tell them I deserve the victory. Much respect to him for doing so. This won't guarantee me the grand prize of $2500, because the car dealership gets two votes towards the grand prize along with my vote, but I'll have a really good chance of winning it. Either way, I'll probably at least buy myself a new t-shirt or hoodie to rep OCR with, in thanks for the support.
  4. It's the last day to vote y'all! I'm currently in the lead, but I might need some help with holding it until midnight.
  5. The contest is over on Wednesday at midnight. I managed to close the gap a bit today, and there are still two days left, so this isn't over yet...
  6. Holy crap! I just got like 60 votes in the past hour. Thanks for the help y'all!
  7. Uh oh, another entry just jumped ahead of me by about 100 Likes. I'm gonna need a lot of help if I'm still gonna win this, so if those of you who have already liked my entry could share it with your friends on Facebook and what not, that would be awesome. It ends on Nov. 30, so we've only got like 4 days left.
  8. I've currently got about a 50 vote lead on the next highest entry! Thanks for all the votes guys! We've still got about a week left though, so some more votes wouldn't hurt.
  9. Thanks for the votes so far guys! I'm currently in the lead! The contest isn't over until November 30 though, so let's keep those votes coming!
  10. First of all, thanks for the vote! I also thought about your suggestion to give some money back to OCR, and have decided that I'd totally be willing to donate $200 to OCR if I win! OCR is kind of responsible for me being the musician I am today, since it was through this community that I discovered FL Studio and met a lot of people that inspired me to learn more about writing and producing music. I think $200 is the least I can do, considering the fact that I might not have ever made this jingle if it were not for this website.
  11. Sup y'all. So I entered a jingle contest for a car dealership in my hometown and my entry made it to the finals! The winner gets their jingle on the radio and $2500! They are doing voting via "Like"s on Facebook, so if you could like this video I would really appreciate it: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10100465128515680&set=vb.129054267587&type=2&theater Also, if I win, I plan on donating $200 of the prize money to OCR! I feel it's the least I can do considering that this website has played a large role in making me the musician I am today. I'm currently neck and neck with one other entry for the lead, so every vote helps. Thanks guys!
  12. This is some really cool/ unique sounding stuff. I've only sampled a couple tracks, but I'm looking forward to listening to the album all the way through.
  13. OCR was my gateway into the musical world! I got into the community by listening to VGDJ and browsing the forums and eventually decided that I had to try and make a remix. So I picked up some crappy music software on clearance at Target and came up with this little number: http://soundcloud.com/greyskysymphony/crash-down-by-sun-down-kirby Six years later, and now I'm majoring in Sound Recording Technology at Texas State University and making music more like this:
  14. Nice, I like this. Especially when the heavier, distorted beat comes in. Flute samples are super fun to play around with. You might wanna try throwing a little bit of reverb onto the flute for a cool sound. The only problem I can find is that the synth that comes in at 0:11 gets a little over-powering sometimes.
  15. I'm up for some OCR Minecraft'n. Minecraft Username: Gimgak.
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