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Shreddy synth metal with an anime twist

Julien Mulard

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Hello everyone!

I worked on that track a few month back, I like it very much, and I thought maybe you would like it too!

Introducing  "Ninja Kitten vs the Killer Bots", a track alternating between high speed synth metal shred galore, and anime like / Touhou inspired melodic chorus (seriously, I don't now how else describe the mood).

It all started as a sound design project. I was looking to reproduce the "floppy disk" sound from Master Boot Record ( you can here it right at the beginning of this album ), and I built around it. No guitars, including VSTs, were used in the making of this track.

In my head cannon, this is the opening cut-scene track of an action packed 2D platformer in a dystopian future where a ninja cat fight against an omnipotent high tech corporation (I know, it's the most original idea in the whole history of video games ^^). Hence the title.

The story would go like this: The shreddy part would be the evil corporation robots wrecking havoc, the chorus is our hero appearing to kick some metallic butts, then robot counter-attack on the shred part 2, theme on the piano is the hero, wounded, having like a flash back (of his familly being captured by the said evil corporation, of it's mentor, or anything else cliché enough to fit your bill), then second wind of the hero, fight, fight, and the bots lay broken while the intro riff play back and is tape stopped.

I think it's a really fun track with a lot of energy, but what do YOU guys think? I hope you'll like it, that's for sure!


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Whoa, I really like this one. From the very beginning, my eyes went wide. I felt like if I didn't pay attention to all that was going on, I'd miss something. So much cool action-packed energy here! As I listened, I could picture a ferociously cute cat dressed in black like a ninja, turning those killer robots to scrap metal. Anime style? Definitely. (If there's ever a reboot of Samurai Pizza Cats that could be produced, this track should be included in the soundtrack.)

I unfortunately don't have the the time or patience to make animated videos, but I hope someone does come up to you and ask if they could make an animation to go with the music!

The synths sound so fun. That peaceful sounding break in the middle, that's pretty and interesting of a part. Great work!

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