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  1. SUBMITTED \o/ Also, there is easter eggs in the track, I explain them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B4o86pP--KYy7mTOpKp7JxvTTCMjK1vY Thank you everyone, and see you soon!
  2. Hello, I'd like to go with "Julien Mulard" rather than "JulienMulard", it would be more natural that way, I feel. Thank you
  3. I think I found a way to add guitars in it!!!! New version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/144o313TO7cJql9JJuTRYo57A90Qqlkku/view?usp=sharing I mostly copied all my effects from the guitar synths, put it in another track with shreddage on it, and tweak stuffs until it felt right. Then I mixed them both together. I removed a good chunk of high end from the "synthars" to let space for the guitars articulations (pick attacks and stuff), but cut the guitar low end to let the synth fill that space, because it was easier than making the low sounds good from scratch again. I'm pretty sure I broke some stuff regarding the overall mix, but I still think this version can be a good starting point for a conversation regarding all the new little stuff I'll have to change in the future, now that's there's a new instrument here ^^ Just so you know, my track is at a point where I need to export (at least 5 min each time) to get a clear picture of what I changed, because ther's so much stuff going on my CPU can't keep up at all.... I will probably try to bounce everything, but it's such an involved processed, I didn't have the will to do it today (plus I'm still making adjustments to the midi sometimes, and I won't be able to that easily). So please, let me know what you think of it Have a great day!
  4. Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that I'm currently working on a version with guitars. What I'm trying to do right now is to "merge" both guitar and synth, because the change in timbre would be too drastic for my ears right now. The thing is, it almost makes me go back to square one regarding mixing/mastering, and for now, I'm not happy with the result at all (hence no preview). Plus my computer can no longer play the track seemlesly, an boucing to audio is really complex to manage due to all the tempo automation going on. If I can somehow make it work, that's great, but I kinda want to move on to other projects and submit something for once, so if I struggle too much or if it takes too much time, I may submit the last version (V5 more bass). The quarantine is opening up a bit here in France, and I'll have to go back to work soon enough, which will leave me with way less time. Thank you Timaeus for all you've done, and to everyone else from the forums and the Discord. I'll keep you informed! Have a great day!
  5. Hey man! It's a nice idea, but it's hard to project on a simple midi track like this, so it'll be difficult to have any feedback regarding production as it is. There is a few things I could say though. First, you should probably split your midi clip between all the different instruments, so you can easily put plugins to replace the stock MIDI sound. Second, I noticed your volume meter goes to the red, which tends to mean you are clipping. I know it's not the final sounds but you should probably pay attention to that kind of thing anyway. Third, I don't understand the format of your "submission". Why post a video and not an audio export? The only reason I could think of is because it's a demo version of FL and you can't export audio,. But even if it's the case, why disable the following of the cursor? It would make the video somewhat more interesting, I guess? You could also zoom vertically so we can see more clearly how you sequenced your track. Anyway, I don't mean any of that in a mean way. I hope to hear about this track soon, with real instrument (sample libraries could get you far). Have a great, and happy music making!
  6. Hi Timaeus! Thank you for reviewing my track once more! Between V3 and V5, I did some EQing on the guitars, cutting almost all the lows and mid-low, to leave more space for the bass (I remembered reading somewhere that metal guitars where in fact 80% bass). It was lame, so I progressively put some low end back, but not enough I guess? I also cut a lot of reverb/delay (still on the guitar), as I felt it was creating more clutter than anything, but maybe it was creating some low-end resonance or something? Oh, and I put the "rythm guitars" up an ocatve during the last theme section, so, less bass from the guitar there too. Anyway, I just spent some time to get that low end back, and for a moment I thought I lost it somewhere. But with some drastic EQ, I was able to salvage something. It's not the same, but it might do the trick. I boosted that low band a bit all along the track, for both bass and guitar (by reflex, I high-passed the bass at 35Hz, but not anymore), and to get that extra oomph during the buildup at 1:40/1:45 I also added some automation that increase the low end of the guitar just for that. It's not the best, as you can hear the "magic" happening, but it's the best compromise I could come up with. So here it is, V5, but with MORE BASS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JW0IOVgFO_YBl2uEx95UX2CwNznFufdO/view?usp=sharing Please let me know what do you think of it, and have a great day!
  7. Hey man! Fun song there! I hear a lot of pumping though. It feels like you have a limiter on the master track that is really working hard to keep everything under control. The most apparent time it's happening is between 0:41 to 0:51, when the low brass (tuba?) is playing the melody. Every time it plays a note, the rest of the instruments just drops in volume. It's happening almost everywhere the tuba plays, but in other spots too. If you're using FL Studio, the limiter shows when it's working. Just look at the white line, and when it goes down, it's limiting. No idea for the other DAW, though. To avoid that, you could deactivate the limiter and lower the volume to avoid clipping. You'll lost a lot of loudness, but you'll be able to mix more clearly. I also feel your drums lack presence. The kick is felt through the limiting more than it's heard, I think. The snare is also a bit thin, but it might be the genre, I don't know. Try adding compression on them to make the attack pop more, maybe? Your 3D model is really impressive BTW! I hope you find someone to work with you, I sadly have no Tuba/Accordion players in my contact, nor any Yoddeler. Have a great day, and happy music making!
  8. Nice tune, full of good vibes! I love the little drum solo, it's really nice, and quite uncommon I feel! Are you playing it? Regarding mixing, I'd say your drums are a bit weak, particularly the snare, which I found too low. I'm also use to metal, and I'm still learning mixing overall, so maybe wait for another review to confirm this? It might be a style thing I'm unaware of. Another small thing, at 1:25, you have a synth stab that I found a bit too loud. Regarding submission, it might be a little too repetitive/close to the source, even though the sound FX bring some variations to the track. Be careful with them though, as it can make the song pretty tiring. The OCR community loves when you torture the source material ^^ Maybe next time add more solos, or mash different sources together? You can go pretty far by simply reharmonizing a bit, or writing various counter melodies. Those are small things, your track is really cool, and the arranging is solid! Have a great day, and happy music making!
  9. First off, I apologize for spamming so much, more so with the "Ready for Review" tag . I got some great feedback from Discord, and updated the track once more https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JS9nm8IgKPcpSDXIopi7rQ6xdRr8MZP0/view?usp=sharing I finally removed the sidechaining on the metal kick, and tweaked some things a bit (less bit reduction during the intro for example). I've never been this close, I feel it! What do you guys think?
  10. Ok, so I was listening back to my last version (which I actually finished a few weeks back, but couldn't find the energy and time to upload/share it), and it was a mess regarding drum mixing. I had some time on my hands, so I started working on it again, and, as we (don't really) say from where I come from, voilàààà: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OChMgMoSi1z77eSvuYdGeEKFzvOvH69_/view?usp=sharing Something clicked and I was finally able to achieve some clear and impactful drums for once. I also feel I improved the mixing/mastering a lot! What do you guys think? The downside is I'm a bit burned out from working on this track, but the good news is you will have a fair amout of time to review this before I randomly post yet another version ^^ Thank you for your time, and have a great day!
  11. Hello everyone! New version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uTvsK8UO-3vbJd4vqhmLCTtZLE0G_7EH/view?usp=sharing I changed a few things regarding mixing and mastering: Restored a good amount of sweet low BASS on the kick during the metal parts, and solved a good amount of limiting that was in fact happening at the end of the track (your ears are something else @timaeus222) I have not touch my sound design because I love the way it sounds, so no Shreddage here, still some uncanny synth sounds. I'd rather try not to change it And by the way, I hid text and stuff in the spectrogram of the track There's also a few morse code messages (one is very well hidden) You don't have to check it out, but know it's here if you happen to have some time and an audio analysis software (I tried to hint at it in my first post, as I was really in the mood for cryptic stuff at the time, but I guess it's rather uncommon to read the first letters of a post to see if something's hidden there, so now, you know ). Still hoping to be posted, so don't hold back! Thank you for your time, and have a great day!
  12. Hey Timaeus! Thanks for your review Just to clarify some things, mostly regarding my intentions: there is no guitar, just happy little detuned and filtered sawtooths. I guess what makes it sounds like Sherddage is the amp I used (Revelver HPSE, which came free with Shreddage). I was looking for this "synth sound with distortion" soundscape, but I guess it's in the uncanny valley right now, being both too close to a "true" guitar sound but composed as a synth part (Example from Master Boot Record of what kind of sound I was aiming to). Given this new piece of information, do you think I should push more toward a synthy sound, as it is stylistically what I was aiming for? Or simply use Shreddage? I guess I'll try both and see what it does Regarding over compression in the last part, I have sidechaining going on almost all instruments (linked to the kick). I'll try to tune that down and see if that opens up the soundscape a bit. I DO have a limiter, but it's just there to avoid a few instances of clipping. I'll doublecheck it too, though, to be sure. When you talk about the kick missing low end, you're talking about the double bass drums? Or the dance kick? I think it's the former, but I'd just like to be sure. Thank you for the quick feedback, and have a great day! I'll get to it in the next few days, so stay tuned!
  13. You're welcome! I like reviewing stuff, but I seldom have the time to do it properly (and I rarely visit the forum when I am not anxiously waiting for reviews myself ^^) So, to answer your questions: lib = library, as in sample library. In this case, Ministry of Rock 2 Exactly. Copy paste from another post where I explained it better: "To double track, play the same riff twice, with slightly different effect chains on each take, and hard pan one to the left and the other to the right. It'll fill so much more space! ". I personally use Revalver HPSE, but I got it free with Shreddage (which is a great guitar library for Kontakt, but rather costly). I'm not exactly sure what to recommend you, I'd suggest you try to find some reviews only for free amp sims (or not free, as you wish) and see which one you like best. I talked about it at the end of my review, and I suggested you worked first on the few "bad" notes (which should be rather quick), and then work with Ministry of Rock 2 to try and make your guitars sound better, both by playing directly with your plugin, and by working on your articulations. Have a great day!
  14. Hey Souperion! I'm glad to here some your stuff! You comment to almost everyone on the board, and I wanted to return the favor So, the first thing that I heard is the low quality of the sounds you are using. It sounds like a glorified SNES track, which may be what you are aiming for, but I suspect will not be good enough to be publish (if that's what you're going for). Just for you, I watched a presentation of Minsitry of Rock 2 on YT, to try to understand if the lib is the problem, or if it's what you're doing with it. And I'd say it's a mix of both. Regarding the lib, it's main problem in my book is the fact that guitar have distortion pre-recorded. On a real guitar setup, the distortion will be applied on all the notes played. Given the intervals you have, it'll sound more or less noisy. It's why most of the time, when playing with heavy distortion, people limit themselves to single notes, octaves, or power chords, and don't play the full chords, as it may sound too rich and noisy (exceptions are plentiful obviously). On the other hand, if the distortion is applied on each note individually, when you play multiple notes together, you'll get the impression that each note is played by an individual guitar. Okay let's breakdown your track and see what you could improve! Spoiler alert, there is a lot to take in. The synths arpeggios are fine and the little sample at the beginning is cool. The rhythm guitar clearly needs some more articulation, as it sounds really robotic right now and makes weird gaps when it stop. Try adding more effects on it! A bit of compression, maybe some light reverb, to make it feel less midi like. If you have such a plugin, try some amp simulation (with little overdrive to not overdo it). You should also lengthen the notes and play with velocity. Some patches seems to have "chugs" when hitting low velocity notes, and it would feel more appropriate and realistic. It doesn't feel too mono, so maybe you already have it double tracked? I can't tell, but if it's not, you should definitely try it! You should find tutorial online to do that with Ministry of Rock. You could also add some variation, and play some legato single notes and not only power chords? Bass lack some oomph. I generally use amp simulations presets, but I guess you could obtain good results with a compressor, light distortion and EQ. Or try other patches, the demo I watched showed some cool sounds. Same for drums. Your lib seems to have individual mixer and effects chain for the most important groups of sounds (kick, snare, toms, overheads), so add stuff (mostly compression, again), or try other patches. The trumpet sounds really out of place. It has a lot more reverb than the rest but is in front in the mix, which sounds weird. Plus you play very short single notes, which don't sound very realistic, sadly. It also lack articulation (which is generally what makes this kind of realistic instrument sound bad). You seem to have wrote your trumpet lines as if it was a single instrument, but you have overlapping notes, which is physically impossible on such instrument. You could maybe re-write your brass parts as if it was an ensemble? Pick a few different brass/horn sounds, write pure solo line for each but build the harmony! Also, try to respect the range of each instrument (tuba shouldn't go as high as a trumpet, this kind of thing). And remember that horn players are supposed to breath sometimes ^^ You also have this single string note lurking on the background. It doesn't sound very nice as is, and I'd suggest either getting rid of it and build around the brass section, or expand it and play full chords. Be careful to not overlap too much sounds around the same pitches, as your track can quickly become very muddy (more so if you expand your brass section). Space your soundscape Your lead guitar has the same kind of problems your rhythm guitar has. It sounds fake and robotic. So same kind of advice, add some effects (distortion, eq, compressor, delay/reverb) to expand your sound, and articulate! Play with the velocity, add vibrato on long notes, do some bends! The problem right now is that it has always the same attack on each note. Explore your lib to see if you can make legato sounds. And don't play power chords when playing melodies. The piano section at 1:10 is weirdly written, with sudden burst of notes (and the section right before it has the same kind of weird sequencing). Try rewriting it maybe? Same for the last section. There is some section where I hear notes out of the harmony, mostly during the guitar solo from 1:38 to 2:30. The worst offender is this long A around 2:02, which should definitely be an Ab IMO. But you have some minor/major clashes during some of the shreddier parts, which can be palatable, but feel rather spicy right now regarding the overall writing. As far as I understand the harmony of the track, you go from F to G to Ab (all major). It's rather ambiguous, as the arpeggios stays on suspended seconds and never really plays the third as far as I can tell. But it sounds rather major to me, and you play sometimes in major scales, and sometimes in blues scales (which are minor). You could manage it with more articulations, like bends. I hope I have not crushed your spirit with this ridiculous amount of feedback (I know it happened to me when I posted my first tracks on OCR). You seemed willing to explore the possibility of Ministry of Rock 2, so I suggest you start by working on your guitar sounds and explore this plugin furthermore. To me, this is clearly the most important thing to do right now, as it's the most defining aspect of your soundscape. Try to not add effects right of the bat, but work on sequencing and articulating to make it sound more realistic, and see were it gets you. That, and bad notes. Hope to here back from you! Have a great day, and a happy new year!
  15. Whoa, that's a really nice track, with great orchestration! I am no orchestral arranger, so I don't know what to criticize, I am just happy to have stopped by and listen to your track. It's really solid stuff! Are you still working on it? It seems you are, and I'll gladly listen to any new iteration you'll have to offer! Have a great day