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"8BitJam", 8-Bit track that has an EDM rhythm.

SilverFox Jams

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I'm glad there's a place to share original tracks. 

I had a bit of a tough time deciding on which one I wanted to share first. I've been making a bunch of cool original stuff this year, and this is just one of the for fun ones. At the time, this was my first time ever in playing with 8-Bit elements. There's an 8-Bit section on Rytmik Ultimate (percussion, FX, bass, leads). Rytmik is a really nice and user friendly DAW. I bought it off Steam some months back. I don't regret my purchase in the slightest. ^.^


Really, when I was putting this together and seeing what I could do with these retro old school game type sounds, I kept thinking, "hey, this reminds me of EDM music." It's got that energy and rhythm. The morphing arp melody was something different I did. I'm often trying out and doing different stuff when it comes to making music. That electric guitar-like synth, yeah that's different and fun as well.

I'm curious to know what your feedback would be!

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  • SilverFox Jams changed the title to "8BitJam", 8-Bit track that has an EDM rhythm.

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