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Opinions of the Audix i5?


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I went in to buy myself a mic the other day with thoughts of a shiny new SM57 dancing in my head, but the attendant was rather adamant in his proclamation that our beloved SM57, while a good mic, was not as good as-in his opinion-the audix i5.

Assuming he had more knowledge than me in the given field and after a lowdown on the differences between the two, I gave it to him straight up: "would you recommend the i5 over the SM57?"

"Yes," he replied with absolute certainty.

Trusting his judgment, I went with the Audix i5. I'll be using it mainly to record acoustic stuff - trumpets, saxes, etc. But my trumpet is currently in the shop and I haven't had much to test it out with yet. But OVERALL, has anyone that uses this mic had a good time with it? If it matters, I'm plugged into a M-Audio MobilePre USB preamp.

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