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  1. Sixto

    Inspirational OC ReMixers. Ego food donations.

    @RamaniscenceI was ready to go! But...stuff. Banks and the new year. What could I do?
  2. Sixto

    Inspirational OC ReMixers. Ego food donations.

    DJP's Gerudointerlude and Prot's Brainsick Metal brought me here. Snappleman, melody (xxrisingforcexx?), Ailsean, house, Fishy, goat, pud..pretty much all the guitarists from shizzies, they put me in my place really quickly. It's was very humbling. Overtime I became a huge fan of zircon, Willrock, bgc, Blind
  3. This album is pretty amazing. The title "Colors" is pretty fitting, I think. Plus, it's reeeeally fun to improvise over when you're trying to improve your guitar playing
  4. Sixto

    OverClocked ReTreat

    You can probably count me in at that point.
  5. Sixto

    OverClocked ReTreat

    Now this is more like it
  6. Sixto

    I need to know if this is normal...

    I can't really help you but I seriously hope you can figure out how to get past those feelings. There's so much talent in this community and it's always so cool when someone from here goes past remixing for OCR and composes for a game or a TV show, or starts a successful business creating and selling sample libraries, or ends up performing at Video Games Live or MAGFest. All of these things! I really hope that'll be you, too. I'm not a composer like most of these people. I couldn't create anything original to save my life. All I could ever do was make silly remixes and I don't even do that anymore. The only thing I've done in several years is finally finish a remix I started a long time ago. And I really wish I hadn't. It honestly feels like I've actually made the world worse for putting my "music" out there. Just calling it "my music" makes me cringe. There's a voice in my head that says "your music? Please. Just who do you think you are? Come back down to Earth." I just started my first solo album but I'll probably never finish it. Can't seem to make it past "this is really dumb and nobody's going to like this." So pretty much all I do now is contribute things to other people's music. Guitar parts and things like that. Over the years, I've amassed a large collection of all kinds of samples. Particularly drums! So I offer to help people with things like that too. It helps me stay at least a little relevant to this community, which is all I really want.
  7. Sixto

    Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    is good. yes
  8. Sixto

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    okay i do
  9. Sixto

    Robots vs. Knights

    okay i am do
  10. Sixto

    Allan Holdsworth

    Dat legato! I've always loved Holdsworth. Yeah, he's capable of playing some complex stuff, but it's still always easy to follow and tap my foot to.
  11. This looks great! I've been dying to play a new 3D platformer.
  12. Sixto

    Destiny (OCR Clan open, join now!)

    i have it on ps4 but i am only 13 or 14 or 15 and i dont know what this clan business is but ok
  13. Sixto

    Shovel Knight: Knights of the ReMix 2014

    1-BLACK KNIIIIGHT 2-propeller knight 3-tinker knight 4-shovel knight
  14. Sixto

    Shovel Knight: Knights of the ReMix 2014

    hype activated
  15. just got my copy and started listening to the first disc. good GOD, i can not take theoryofN's track off repeat. it's soooooo good. even got people at work hooked on it!