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Pokémon Red and Blue - "Like No One Ever Was" (Trainer Battle Theme Symphonic Metal Remix)

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I originally created a shorter version (about a minute long) of this piece for the purposes of a Twitter meme, but I liked the end result so much that I reworked it into a full composition. My goal can best be summed up as "what if Nightwish made Pokémon music?" I haven't made a submission in over a year, but I think this piece may be solid enough to present to the judges. 


Song Title: "Like No One Ever Was" (Trainer Battle Theme Remix)

Originally Composed By: Junichi Masuda

Arranged and Performed By: The Native Dialect

BPM: 171

Style: Symphonic Metal

Hardware: iMac, Ibanez Talmon

Software: GarageBand, Audacity


"Like No One Ever Was"





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I'm glad that you enjoyed it! 

The piano is a stock software instrument in GarageBand, and unfortunately there are only two acoustic pianos available, and both sound similar (a grand, and a steinway grand). I suppose I could always see if there is a good AU piano available that has better quality? GarageBand uses live drum samples for its drum kits, and the guitar is me playing my Ibanez Talmon through an iRig, so perhaps the mix of live instrumentation and software instrumentation creates a subtle but notable difference in resonance? Well, either way, I appreciate you listening and commenting. 

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