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FTL Advanced Edition - Lost Ship mix


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744 here. So, okay - most of this remix is already done, but I need feedback on production/mixing. I have a limited set of speakers/headphones on which to really listen to this, but at the moment it sounds pretty good to my self-taught ears. I'd like to know:

- if overall the arrangement is too close to the source

- if the kick is too powerful and the compressor is pumping too much -- even though this is more a stylistic choice, I don't want to go overboard

- if any other parts are hard to hear, overpowering, or are muddy. I'm not great at getting each component to sound separated in the mix, but I tried :)

- what I should name it. I was thinking something like "Elnubnub is gone" or "Giant Alien Spiders"

Thanks for listening! :)

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