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Can't find certain albums


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I've been going through the albums list downloading everything, but I can't find certain albums that are listed on there either because there's no link or there's no download. Thankfully, I found some off the torrent section and a couple on these forums. I'm hoping I could get help with these. I anyone knows where I can find them, please, let me know.

Instant Remedy - https://ocremix.org/album/5306/instant-remedy

NESperado - https://ocremix.org/album/4700/nesperado

Nintendo Metal - https://ocremix.org/album/4699/nintendo-metal

It's Binary, Baby! - https://ocremix.org/album/5761/its-binary-baby

Earthworm Jim Anthology - https://ocremix.org/album/4081/earthworm-jim-anthology

Sugarburger - https://ocremix.org/album/41971/sugarburger

Shuttle Rush - https://ocremix.org/album/59/shuttle-rush

I've also tried googling all of these and had no real luck. I hope someone can help. Thank you.

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