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I composed my first video game soundtrack, now we need your help! Paid opportunity :)


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Hey all, I have a really fun opportunity that I wanted to make available to people like you!

I’ve been obsessed with video game music since I was a kid, especially on sites like these (this one included), and twenty years later I’ve had the privilege of scoring my first game’s soundtrack. I work for a theater company in NYC that decided to make a simple video game during covid - it’s a dating sim where you date programs and it goes nuts on you. Think ReBoot meets Doki Doki done on a super famicom. All 16-bit music using SimCity and Final Fantasy sound fonts. We got reviewed by WIRED so if you want some further info here ya go-


 And here's a trailer

Anyways, I pitched to my boss a remix album- and he thought it would be a fun thing to do even though we don’t really have a fan base at the moment. He wants it to be NYC area-based, because we plan on going back to theater once its safe. Although there isn’t a ton of money, there is enough to at least pay a fair wage to those who take part. It’ll also be distributed among all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc). We don’t expect to make any serious money on it, but we do expect to create something that we all can be proud of to get us to the next step of where we wanna be.

So, if this sounds like something that would interest you, and you’re in the NYC area, check out the game PSweet on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1463960/PSweet/), and drop your Spotify/EPK/work/whatever here. Or email me directly at dmorrissey@futureproof.site!

If you wanna check out the soundtrack I made, I put it all on a google drive. Some songs are split up because they're programmatic/interactive.


Thank you!!


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