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Tetris:Overdriven Ocarinas Remix


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I am posting the midi files for this remix and would like to recruit some help on this project which as you should know is my first project ever

If you wish to join me in this remix feel free to email me at

Darkmaster2004@operamail.com subject:Overdiven Ocarinas

this is an instumental rearrangement that feels like a wind symphony...

it is backed up with a Overdriven guitar as bass and seems to

sound softer and more flowing than the original arrangement

In the last Thread ,Which the auto thread killer consumed,i said i didnt have flash drive and the firewall drove me bonkers!I have now remidied those problems and am back in buisines.

Here are the Links to the midifiles

Version 1

and here is version 2:

Version 2

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