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“Uptown jungle in a downtown world” Album release

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Dear OCR community,

I have a small Youtube channel which features VGM focused on old DOS or retro games (Lands of Lore, C. Keen, Major Stryker, etc., see this link).

Since 2017 we (my buddy and I) have been working on a full album of original independent and alternative rock music Wuxpoint, and we have our debut album out today on all mainstream platforms. This album features invited independent artists, some instrumental tracks, and a mixture of influences like electronics, acid-jazz, funk and beyond. We heavily used iconic analog hardware devices (Mesa Boogie, Bogner, SSL 4000, Roland Space Echo, old Eventide units, etc.) throught all the production process, resulting in a "retro" sound. The Single preceding this album is currently on airplay on 9 community radios in 3 countries (US, FR, LUX).

If you'd go for some VGM feeling, I'd suggest you first check the following tracks:

  • A raindy day (ambient electro)
  • Downtown trip (outrun-like, driving your car near the coastline with some twists)
  • Uptown mystery (P&C mystery rock puzzle)
  • Farewell (acid-jazz vibes, Keen stuff)
  • Recycled minicycle (Boss fight in hardware mode, including different boss patterns)

Enjoy it at the following links:


Thanks dear OCR Community!


uptown jungle in a downtown world_NORMAL_GEOFF_300.jpg

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