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A Remix focused on Tone, Inevitability. Driving Strings and bass, Game open.


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Ok, Vague, I'm sorry. But I'm really hoping for something unique here. Something special. I want you (artist, remixer, rebel, crazy motherfcucker) to take any character theme, and bring it to the driving inevitability that is conveyed in say the Godzilla theme, or the Red Wings theme, or the Empire from Star Wars. That sound of hard-pushing strings and repetition that leads to the understanding that whatever force you are standing against  is far, far beyond your means. 

You wanna do this with portions from UN Squadron (snes) or Barbie super model (snes) or uniracers? I don't care. I want to hear that driving inevitability and it's such a rare tone in music (idk I'm drunk as fuck and it's been years since I posted here.) 

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