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Real-life Video Game (FPV)

Frederic Petitpas

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Long time no see. Just passing by, thought I'd share what I've been up to for the last 2 years since it's pretty sick and is actually relevant here.

Not me in the video, the infamous Mr. Steele. But I do have the same kind of equipement, it's alittle more expensive than a good gaming setup.

This is 100% a video game, technically. And if you run through someone's head at 100 miles/h, the person will not respawn, cause it is for real.

We do have goggles, but they aren't "VR".

Is it like controlling a helicopter in a VG ? Absolutely not.

Is it hard ? Yes. But it becomes a second nature after a few hours.

"My uncle has a drone". Yeah. This is not your uncle's DJI drone; this is a 100% manual quadcopter.

If this video sparks an interest, simulators exist, and the "gamepad" used in real life is the same you use with a sim. I suggest you get a T8 Pro by RadioMaster (Mode 2!!!) or something similar.

For a sim, I'd strongly suggest getting "Uncrashed : FPV Drone Simulator on Steam"

Please enjoy the video : )


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