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Kirby (various) - Green Greens


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I never know what I'm supposed to write in descriptions like these, so here goes:

I love pretty much all the music from the Kirby games. They're wildly upbeat, bouncy tracks that sound like pure joy. I recently managed to get off my butt and actually finish this EDM-style rendition of Green Greens, and I hope you like it.



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Welcome to the forums!  First post eh!?


There's lots of good here.  Can't go wrong with how happy Green Greens always makes me feel.

Good job adding subtle variations to the arrangement and making it your own in that way. There definitely could be more though.  The ones I noticed that I enjoyed: 0:24 the bass and supporting parts, 0:48-0:52 transition is neat (could be more there though), 0:52-1:04 has great alterations in the supporting parts and bass and a few small melodic changes/added countermelody. The 1:04 slide is sick.

What you need to work on with this track is the complexity of the synth choices.  If you're going to use simple chip-like sounds you need to be doing some crazy stuff with them, add some sophistication to those sounds!

The kick drum sounds adequately loud enough, but the hats are buried in the mix.  They can definitely come up in volume.  I don't have a problem with the drum parts themselves, but the drum sounds themselves feel like they don't fit the genre right...especially the snare.

Also at 2:03 this is barely developed, there is absolutely room for more in the arrangement.  If I were to make a suggestion on that, you could go to a new section at 1:20 and add more of your own flavors to the track, and change-up the pace a bit.  The second half (1:20-end) of the mix does feel much of it has been reused from the first time.  If you don't feel that you have more in you for that, at least go for a more proper ending so it doesn't just suddenly end and lose all of it's energy.

This is a good start, and there's potential for a lot more!

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I've reviewed your remix and have returned it to Work-in-Progress status, indicating that I think there are some things you still need to work on. After you work on your track and feel that it's ready for submission to OCR, please change the prefix back to Ready for Review and someone will review it again. Good luck!

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