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Just got a PSP...

Squire Cd

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Don't freak out.

MP3 is not the right place to put it.

It's much easier to use the PSP like a removable drive and access it from My Computer (or whatever the mac equivalent is) and to go to (assuming the drive is named X) X:/PSP/MUSIC

If you're gonna be stubborn and use WMP, see if there is a sub-folder for PSP.

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Ah, that's a little trickier.

For 2.X PSPs, it'll go into one of those funny named folders in the root, AV or MV10something.

For 3.0 and up it's the X:/VIDEO folder.

The only format that I'm aware of working is mp4. (Someone feel free to correct me, though.)

Tck, I just thought of something. If you format the memstick using the PSP, it'll make all of the necessary folders for you.

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