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  1. three free insurgency copies for whomever wants them edit: all gone
  2. I fucking love the shit out of SaGa Frontier also! Legend of Mana
  3. It would be pretty neat to extend (or replicate) the ReMix Roulette function to the new workshop to achieve something like that.
  4. I saw this game that Twitch was playing a couple days ago and it has fantastic music. Someone might find it interesting, idk.
  5. once, when I was young and stupid, I traded in my copies of Legend of Mana and SaGa Frontier along with my PS1 and eight other games to get $100 off a new PS2 that was the last time I traded in a game
  6. it's not like you'd have to guess in terms of your music engine, each step of your music will have a well defined length, and it'd be easy to keep tabs on your current length
  7. not to mention shinesparking is supposed to make things go fast, not slow
  8. would you mind not making your text larger than size 2, thanks in advance
  9. a well balanced RPG (of which I've played plenty) doesn't necessitate power leveling
  10. you can specifically turn the voices off, if you so desire this isn't hard
  11. well fwiw I actually like the english VO and I normally don't like english VOs in my case, it kind of reminds me of Mega Man Legends (>___>)
  12. I feel like it's just cheesy enough to be fun without being cringe-worthy; and even if you end up not liking either of the dubs (you can switch at will), you can turn voice volume all the way down and just play it like a classic Final Fantasy.
  13. is so good I know some guys don't like the voice-over (either one?); but the English voice track is definitely on-par with the Japanese track.
  14. absolutely; I wish I could find a soundtrack for it that wasn't a gamerip anyway, I've had Bravely Default preordered for months, super excited
  15. I am of the opinion that the popularity of the PS2 was largely due to pure, dumb luck.
  16. I would also appreciate more OCR sets like this; I enjoyed what you put together. A couple transitions were kinda wonky, but overall a nice listen.
  17. did you even read the NDA that you signed
  18. Guild Wars 2 I have over 2600 hours logged and yet no legendaries to my name. This game has good bones and could go in some really cool directions, but the developers have been doing fuckall with it; so much wasted potential.
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