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Forum Restructuring and Additions


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  • 3 weeks later...

As part of our recent migration to vBulletin, we will be incrementally restructuring our forums. In an effort to better utilize our new forum software's capabilities, we have made the following changes:

  • The site's main discussion forum has been renamed from "General Discussion" to "Community".
    • The Announcements and Help & Newbies forums are now sub-forums of Community.
    • A new Community sub-forum has been created named "Competitions" for various contests and competitions related to remixing, art, writing, etc.

    [*]A new forum has been created for off-topic discussion titled "Off-Topic". It is not designed to replace the UnModerated forum outright, but to offer a place where discussion unrelated to the main focuses of OCR can occur. This channel will be moderated under the same rules as all other forums.

    • Politics, Philosophy, and Religion has been moved under the new Off-Topic forum.

    [*]FruityLoops, Reason and Guides & Tutorials sub-forums have been created under the main ReMixing forum, to facilitate discussion specific to those two software packages and to emphasize certain threads that have an educational focus and long-lasting relevancy.

    [*]An additional user profile field has been added specifically for ReMixers that lets users specify which, if any, of the main sequencing applications they utilize for their work.

    [*]The biography user profile field has been modified to allow 2000 characters, and displays as a multi-line textbox.

    [*]Various aesthetic changes in support of these modifications have also been made.

Our previous forums will continue to be available in read-only mode at http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/ until Friday, January 19th, when they will be taken off-line permanently.

Further forum restructuring will continue throughout early 2007.

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