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Waltz is Beautiful (Arrangement of "Life is Beautiful" from the "Deadly Premonition" OST)

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I am currently reworking my remix of Life is Beatutiful for submission to OCR.

Heres the original:

On prior versions of this track I have had the following feedback:

  • The kick drum was not easy to hear.
  • Too conservative on the changes from the original.
  • A bit hot/cramped on the mix.
  • Sound pallete was very static throughout.
  • More changes in dynamics.

Besides trying to adress the mixing issues I did the following changes to the arrangement:

  • Wrote an interlude loosely based on the original melody to introduce more changes.
  • Added two lightly distorted guitars that also play the repetition of the A section and improvise some of it.
  • Added an electric piano to get a more childish toy-like vibe. It plays the melody in the first half and the harmony in the second.
  • Removed the whistling in the second half and only bring it back at the climax of the piece to play alongside the guitars.

I would appreciate to know how well I have addressed the issues so far. :)



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