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A Few Titles to Recognize

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While going through the extensive archives of Over Clocked. I noticed a few things and had a few suggestions/requests for remixes. There aren't the biggest named titles, but at the same time had very beautiful music to start with for what they were and would love to see someone do something with them.

b00001zwvk01scmzzzzzzzlw2.jpg - Any Track Really..There is only one remix I've found and while it's pleasing to listen to, it's short, and the only one I've found.

g06820rp7f8yz2.jpg - Once Again, Any track. As like Dragon Seeds, There is only one remix found, and this game had some very unique, and beautiful music that as very versatile. Some would be great revamped with better sound, or others could be turned into something more of the rock or metal genre. Like the ones from Dr. Leo's Lab.

6a9uj6.jpg - Ok, there are a lot of Secret of Mana Remixes. However some songs might be interesting to toy with. For one, the track entitled Little Sprite (For those who've played the game, when you meet Salamando.). The Mana Beast's Theme, or Meridian Dance I've only found 1 Remix for, and though it's very original and creative, it's more or less an up beat midi track. I would love to hear this done in another style or two.

ab7mc4.jpg - There are no Remix Tracks for this at all. That I can find anyways. There is a sound test within the game, and tracks can be found in a variety of places. Or some people may even want to buy the soundtrack themselves. Any track can be done here, Caverns, and Visage are two of my personal favorites. I would love to see anything from here played around with.

I've spent a great deal of time on Over Clocked Remix over the years listening to various tracks. Though I just recently signed up for the forums I've been around and listen to a large variety. Half my Car CD collection is all remixes. I've pretty picky too, so that says that there are a HELL of a lot of talented artists here. I've loved every minute spent here.

With that said, lets broaded the horizens a bit and try games that haven't been mass media-ed already eh? Love you guys ^.^


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Wow nice request thread, although I won't be able to fill any of those requests...check Remix Tha Sauce, it has a Soul Blazer Remix.

Also the Seiken Densetsu 3 project is remxing the Meridien Dance track.

Thats cool.

Thank you for showing me that. And thanks for the compliment ^.^ I try and make things look presentable.

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