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DJ Mister Z

WIP: Majora's Mask, Song of Healing

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.mp3 downloads are usually preferable... but I guess I'll deal. It took some patience to get the song to play. :/

I'd say first off, watch the volume. It goes from quiet to loud in a bad way, more than once throughout the song. If you want to put emphasis on something, try bringing it to the foreground and pushing the rest back as opposed to making it louder. *cringes*

The beginning isn't much, but the last minute or so has some good stuff going on.

There's a place about 1:30 into it that sounds a bit disjointed to me. I hear what you're trying to do though.

That's all I can think of right now.

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The song is good but still i don't hear enough of the actually song i have always thought that the song of healing was a quiet peacful song instead you made it upbeat

i like the idea i you did i great job on the song but like i said i don't hear enough of the original song

Keep doing what you do : )

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