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  1. Wow! At first I nearly turned it off. My ears told me it was loud and garbled and didn't make any sense. But like a good exotic cheese, if you just hang in there, all at once, it hits you. It's actually fantastic. The warbling effect of the kettle drum, and the submerging feeling of the source really makes a fitting setting for the piece as a whole. There's a sense of desparation, and fate to it. I really quite love it! Well done. The source is not much to work with, obviously, it's mild, and short, and not incredibly technical; but it has been done. I did grip my chair a bit as I listened, only due to the volume of the piece as a whole. It's very loud, which contributes to the initial reaction. It doesn't evolve much. I like what you did with it, but I wanted to hear it grow and have a life of it's own away from it's roots. The original areas were nice but the second time around, once again, I was hoping for something to evolve, change it up a bit. Really, as far as technique goes, I think it's unique, oddly unsettling, strangely fun. As a WIP I believe it has potential and want to hear it again after some revision. You have my attention.
  2. no I havent considered submitting it, but here is some little improvements https://soundcloud.com/psynes/top-of-the-world-mm3-remix

  3. love it will. i usually start listening before i start reading, and i looked up quick at the beginning. I thought, wait...this is different. but not once did i think that it wasn't will at his best, with a fresh sound but true to his unique style. Will has a sound you either love or you hate. one of my ipod playlists is dedicated to the music of WillRock, and this will make a fine addition. Good work, well done. Can we look forward to another homage again, soon...you know, the Rolling Stone just played a 50 year anniversary gig
  4. pack it and ship it, it's done. don't normally leave that little feedback, but damn.
  5. I applaud anyone with the nads to remix the Prime trilogy, it's very tough. The soundtrack was already perfectly suited and the music so ambient that changing anything seems to detract from the original form, so when I see it accomplished I smile very stupidly, and you should too...wait...you know what I mean. It's good, very good. And the guitar works, it's what you wanted, it worked. Kudos. BTW, is it supposed to stop so abruptly? If it is, SWEET! If not, DONT keep working on it!
  6. a worthy source, an even worthier rearrangement. i'm feeling the 7 string lately too, VERY lately, as in the last 3 minutes lately. this is well performed, well mixed. for something you "rushed" i can't tell. the only thing i would feel more is a mid bar cut off vs. a fade out. when the accompaniment stopped, that is what i expected, but it went on and my anticipation kinda died.
  7. have you considered submitting your top man remix?

  8. did anyone else think "james bond" when they heard this? I think it's very...dampened/flat/muffled. I love the fell of it, it's a little dark. It's hard to say that it needs work, it obviously needs some touching up, but the source material is very difficult. The original was very well done and well suited, design to make the player feel the zone's intent. Metroid has always been good at that. So you're doing a really great job with nothing short of stubborn source material. I think it just needs some sharper definition. I kinda feel like i'm pressing my ear up against my neighbor's wall to listen to it. OK...Nvm...just listened to the new version, which is posted ironically just above mine. Just disregard everything after the james bond statement with the exception of the word "it(s)"
  9. just stamp it with the willrock guarantee: guaranteed to be on your ipod without previewing first. Epic as usual, my friend. Not my favorite of all of wr's work. Still replaying Showdown in a loop on most car trips. But it's still textbook Willrock style, bending source material around his little finger and saying "well these sound good together. and throwing two games in a blender with a dash of synth and sauce for a well rounded sound that delights me everytime. I think it's time to package the man's mixes into an OC album of their own (honestly i think there's enough for a 2-disk sp. ed.).
  10. very basic, ok...very repetative, good intro...sound, check...emotion, check...time spent on post, way too much. This is a fantastic source, and you obviously have somethign great in your head. You're just not "getting it onto paper" well, so to speak. I have the same problem sometimes. There are a lot of programs out there to use and FL isn't bad...but it's not the best either. I think you need to spend more time planning on where you are going with this, and more time practicing your technique and less time making elaborate setups for something that can only be described as "a good start".
  11. When did Metroid become Donkey Kong Country? Then it kinda loses the feel and goes off over there, somewhere. Good mix.
  12. there was a post a few back that said WR just entered god tier...you're a little late. He hit god tier back with his stint with the GB Zelda mixes. WillRock has just stuffed god in a pokeball and shoved him in box 30 with all the others he will never use.
  13. i said i would be back...here i am -looks around- ...nobody loves me... ...anyway, most satisfactory. I am very pleased by the sounds I hear. Love how it's just a great medley of guitar work. Very appropriate given the source i think. You got me vote.
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