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The Joker

"Omicron Crimson" from Turok 3

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Howdy all. I made a midi not to long ago, with the intention that I'd make a remix. Well, I've been having trouble getting one togethor, but the song is great, so I thought I'd post here & see if anyone else would like to give it a shot.

It's a song from Turok 3. In a sense it could be called the Main Theme from Turok 3. It's basically the Turok Theme, only much more epic, & much more soundtrack-ish. Here's the link:

So, yeah. It'd be great if someone else could take a shot. If you do, lemme hear it!

P.S. There may be some missing notes in the staccato string section. Maybe, I'm pretty sure I got them all, though.

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