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  1. The Joker

    I think someone stole the BadAss logo?

    You're probably right, but damn if it doesn't make my heart hurt a bit.
  2. The Joker

    I think someone stole the BadAss logo?

    Yeah, kind of? Hasn't logged in in a while by the looks of it, so not sure if they've seen it.
  3. Soo, I've sent this to a few people, but from what I can tell, the message hasn't been viewed yet. Anyway, I noticed someone was using the BadAss logo on shirts, & selling for profit. Not sure if there is anything we can/should even do, just thought I'd bring it to the attention of the site.
  4. The Joker

    BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III - History

    Hmmm... then I may have a hypothetical something for this hypothetical something... hypothetically.
  5. The Joker

    BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III - History

    I love the trailer, but... "the final Volume of the BadAss trilogy?" Hopefully someone will beat this Undead nightMare into more volumes!
  6. The Joker

    BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III - History

    Oh man! I'm jonesing for this sasha fierce!!!!
  7. So, it's been a while since you've guys have heard from me. Haven;t had a game remix in a while either (well, BadAss 3 will have something from me but that's a way off). I've been playing Fallout 4 off & on, & heard this holotape in it titled "Hi Honey!" on it. Since I'm now married, it stirred up some emotions that I had to get down, & I used the Fallout Main theme to get em out. This is not a full on remix, more just a short variation on the main title. Wanted to make it sound like a sad love song, bittersweet even. d/l link: or if you wanted to stream it on youtube: Let me know what you think!
  8. The Joker

    BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III - History

    I'm glad this is n the way to release! Also, I was just reading people having ideas for a Good guy theme based album & I say go for it! I think a BadAss: Hero Themes would be awesome, & a fresh way to take the BadAss albums!
  9. The Joker

    DLP presents, A DooM 2 Halloween remix EP

    You can get the album over at Soundcloud too now if you don't want to go through the hassle of Bandcamps checkout!
  10. A while ago I started some tracks for possible inclusion in the DooM 2 album that got released, for whatever reason I never got around to finishing them, later on I started working on an Icon of Sin track for BadAss, also not finishing it. The only track I ended up finishing from DooM 2 was the collab with Luiza & BGC. I decided I need to rectify that, so just in time for Halloween, a 3 track DooM 2 EP… & it’s free even, just enter 0 in the name your own price bracket to get the tracks in any format you choose. All 3 tracks are appropriately gothic, & are perfect for a night filled with demon hunting & candy & stuff. Hope you guys dig it! The Alemantra Working: A DooM 2 EP OR, skip the whole Bandcamp process & get the MP3's over at Soundcloud!
  11. The Joker

    BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III - History

    No promises, but I think I'm gonna try and do a solo remix for the volume. Thinking about something from a dark side or... something. Also, hopefully the gruntilda track can get done before the deadline. I'm hoping!
  12. Hey, everybody! Posted up a track based around the Arkham City theme mixed with the Terminator theme. It was inspired by the " " short that's been floating around; after watching it I needed to make this. Here's the youtube link, with a link to download the mp3 in the description (or just click here). I picked Arkham City's theme because it's pretty much every Batman theme combined into one new beast of a song.
  13. And if you want to stream the album on youtubes... you can! Like & Share & subscribe & obey... or whatever it is you're supposed to say when you post a youtube video.
  14. The Joker

    DLP Remix contest (with prize)

    Dude, keep working on it & release it on your own! I'd love to hear what you can make with more time!