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  1. So... Mak has joined the project with a really rad Renegade take on Firebrands theme from Gargoyles Quest!
  2. Pu_freak is taking care of some things so the main list can't be updated just yet, but I'd like to welcome the legendary bLiNd to the project! bLiNd will be tackling the Duke Nukem theme, & so far it's pretty friggin awesome!
  3. This is great! I just finished this game & I really love this version of the theme!
  4. Additional suggestions from me! Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic Adventure 2 theme or Shadow Theme Sam Fisher - Conviction theme Adam Jensen - Mankind Divided Theme Scott Pilgrim - Scott Pilgrim Anthem Prince of Persia - Sands of Time theme, Warrior Within Theme, PoP 2008 theme Kassandra - Odyssey Maximillian Roivas - Black Rose Gabriel Belmont - Belmont Theme Bionic Commando - Bionic Commando Firebrand - Gargoyles Quest Theme Joe Musashi - Revenge of the Shinobi
  5. Gonna quote what I posted in another thread, though I'm also calling "Tree of Life" from Darksiders 2 as my track! I'll send you a message soon Mak!
  6. I'm almost a yes to this idea, but I'm sure it'd be stretching the meaning of Hero theme as it could also be considered the Alien theme for the game. I'll have to throw it to Pieter for a call.
  7. You could always upload it to soundcloud or google drive, then send it as a dm to one of us here!
  8. I'd say Riku fits the hero designation! And Any Belmont counts in my opinion!
  9. There is no Anti hero, that's just wordplay. The Hero's theme is the main point we're sticking to here, whether they be superheroic or an anti hero doesn't matter so much as that they're the main protagonist. Any hero theme, whether it be the main theme to a series (Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed), a specific character's theme from a game (Shieks Theme from Ocarina of Time, though Zelda's Lullaby would work), or a level theme that references the main theme (The Guardian's Theme from Darksiders 2 since it's just a rearrangement of the main titles).
  10. I'd say you can go with an area theme if it's indicative of a hero. I'd still want the main hero theme somewhere in it, so, maybe like a combo. Like, for instance, Turok 2 has a main theme, but you could do port of Adia pretty easy since it references the main theme.
  11. You're probably right, but damn if it doesn't make my heart hurt a bit.
  12. Yeah, kind of? Hasn't logged in in a while by the looks of it, so not sure if they've seen it.
  13. Soo, I've sent this to a few people, but from what I can tell, the message hasn't been viewed yet. Anyway, I noticed someone was using the BadAss logo on shirts, & selling for profit. Not sure if there is anything we can/should even do, just thought I'd bring it to the attention of the site.