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La-Mulana translated.


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Gideon Zhi's AGTP translation group has recently completely translated the Japanese game called La-Mulana to English. The gameplay is an side-scrolling platformer game with puzzles, with the protagonist being an Indiana-jones like character. That said, the game so far seems just fine to me, if a bit tough.

You can get the game and translation patch from the link below, and for those who want to know what the game looks like, here is a picture.



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I've been playing it on and off the past couple nights. There's a good map/guide out there, but it's nowhere near a complete walkthrough. I don't have it bookmarked on this computer, but I'll post it when I get home.

Once you get the grail and the cartridge to translate the glyphs, it's somewhat easier, since you can always warp out and save if you're going to die. I'm still stuck on the first level, but I enjoy the game. I'll play for a while, get stuck, get mad, quit, and then come back in 10 minutes to try and figure it out again.

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