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  1. Coop has already mentioned how the importance of examining the history and settings of a videogame-movie conversion would be, and I think the Super Mario Bros Z sprite series is a good example. Granted, it does combine combine the worlds of Mario and Sonic with Dragonballian fight sequences, but aside from looking great, the series also uses humor and characters that closely mirror the genuine articles. A very good example of using settings without butchering their content. Now, as for games that I think would make a good transition. Star Control II: Interesting setting, memorable and dis
  2. Half-Life's achievement with Alyx is how well the graphics, audio, and gameplay based on Alyx's presence is designed, which has set a bar for 3D games, especially shooters. Come to think of it, Shodan might be considered to be a primitive and hostile version of Alyx - her audio monologues with the player really set the stage. I wasn't kidding about Visual Novels having some of the best developed female personalities, by the way. It is certainly true that a good portion of them have sexual material, but I would argue that would be like having shooters to be without guns. I recommend checkin
  3. Just about any girl from a visual novel. Aside from being pretty, they are much more detailed in terms of character development when compared to most videogame females, which appeals to me. However, the women from Baldur's Gate 2 and Planescape Torment also fall into this category. On the other side of the spectrum is probably Samus from the Metroid Prime series - she strikes me as smart and tough, but this is because of the role of a silent protagonist that she plays, in conjunction with the scanning and analysis that the player can participate in. This means that Samus is the female eq
  4. La-Mulana, Hurrican, Iji, The New Satan Sam, and Aquaria have excellent soundtracks, and are top-notch games as well. You can pick up the soundtracks through the following links, except for Aquaria since that is a commercial game without an officially released soundtrack. I hear one is planned, but since Derek Yu and the Aquaria developer has split up, it is in the air. All of the other games are freeware, so go ahead and play them if the fancy catches you. La-Mulana (Music section) http://my.opera.com/White%20Knell/blog/ Hurrican Soundtrack (German website, music in .it format) http:
  5. Heh, I think that design is what ultimately decides how good a game is. Be it in story, gameplay, pacing, balance, or aesthetics, the design is the foundation. The music of the early Megaman games were built in such a way, that even when out of date technically, they hold up against modern offerings. Yoshi's Island? Watercolored graphics that deliberately pushed the SNES to the limits, but also was also age-proofed because of the stylization involved. Zelda utilizes puzzles and combat to challenge the player by a fair bit without overly stressing the player - a sign of awesome balance and
  6. I have recently been playing Snatcher for the first time after the Policenauts patch was released, in order to get some grounding in the gameworld* lore - and Snatcher is giving me a very good impression thus far. A mix of Phoenix Wright adventuring mixed with Cyberpunk, with a dose of shooting gallery, Snatcher is just plain nifty to me. Once I play through Snatcher, I will give SD Snatcher a shot, I hear the RPG battlesystem in that game is good. Hopefully, an Snatcher DS game would be someday be made, the game's style really would suit that system, especially if the investigation system
  7. Heh, beat you to the punch on that count. In any case, I feel that Murmeli Weilan is somewhat correct. The Sonic community seems rather self-divided, argumentative, and generally just dim on general principle. However, the people who create these Sonic fangames have been producing increasingly playable games with increasing frequency over the SAGES. While it probably won't be for another four or nine SAGES until this scene really wows the videogame world, this is a good sign. It means that people are honing their skills at making games and can show that it is possible to make a good fan
  8. Secret Rings was actually fairly decent, but it had some issues with control and some missions seemed design to play on that aspect, which was pretty painful. The final boss was also bad, but mostly because my arm isn't good enough to maintain the shaking motions needed in order to win. Hopefully, 3rd time's the charm, much like in the case of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  9. Yo. As an matter of coincidence, the 14th SAGE Expo is coming up, so there ought to be a few fangames of interest popping up. I am personally looking forward to Tikal & Chaos, Sonic Nebulous, and Sonic Retro XG. http://www.sagexpo.org/
  10. I recently noticed that Youtube has an official channel for cartoons and anime at their site, featuring nifty stuff like like Astro Boy, Slayers, and Dilbert. It is nice that the internet is starting to free us from schedules and TV networks. Granted, this means Youtube is going to be a mogul, but it is still much better than getting fixed to traditional television practices. http://www.youtube.com/shows?s=sp&t=&b=2&cr=US&p=6
  11. I have no problem with someone trying to make money, but I believe that the best way to do so is to emphasize a theme, and to stick with it. Essentially, the idea is to not dilute your audience's interests, because it means that you would receive many small, insignificant slices of interest, as opposed to a central and vigorous interest. Not good for choosing ads, or for creating your lineup. People want to go to "the" history channel, "the" cartoon channel. If someone wanted a slice of everything, they would just channel surf, so what is the point in watering down your content with unrela
  12. Geez, sacrificing the Big O, Megas XLR, and Samurai Jack for reality television? On a channel meant for cartoons? Just who is leading this bunch, and how do we evict them?
  13. I would suggest giving La-Mulana a spin. Nice soundtrack, strong gameplay. http://agtp.romhack.net/project.php?id=lamulana
  14. I think the best RPGs are the ones that adopt very strong settings or involve the player's skills as a thinker. Take a look at the list below. Super Mario RPG Terranigma Earthbound Alundra Lufia II Valkyrie Profile Final Fantasy VI Secret of Mana Chrono Trigger Star Ocean Tales of Phantasia Link to the Past Metal Saga Harvest Moon Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Every single one had a distinct atmosphere, due to their music, stories, and visuals that make them leave an impression on the player. Getting the player's attention is key, and this is done by making the world noticeable
  15. I highly recommend the two Star Trek adventure games that was released for DOS. Based on the Original Series, they got the tone and setting just right. In essence, 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites are remarkably true to the source material and is quite fun to play. Most games based on other mediums tend to fail on both counts, so it is very pleasant to find games that break the trend. Furthermore, I think the Magic Carpet games are worth a shot. Designed by Peter Monyleux, they are actually quite impressive for implementing three things rather well: 3D graphics, the ability to alter
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