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A Boy: Artifical Growth


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Another themed thing. This is the WIP of the first part of a series of songs (an album of sorts) based on a short story I wrote. I have no idea if the short story will ever make it to the web (titled "A Boy"), but, this is a project for a class, so it will all end up somewhere. At least the music will end up here.

Here's my start on Part 1. I wanted some early comments on direction, then will probably dissappear with this to finish it.

Part 1: Artifical Growth

I really appreciate comments, especially on a bigger project such as this.


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Good stuff. I think ur starting to develop a reconizable style with smooth beats and elaborate synth design. This is a very loopable mood setting song. It lacks some of the dynamic range in the melody to be an 'album' type of song. Although frankly I don't care as I really like music of this genre. There is something to be said of the subtlety and gradual variations this song possesses. Good stuff home slice. :mrgreen:

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