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Zelda: OoT - Bolero of Fire

Theory of N

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I like the arrangement and it does have a nice Latin feel to it, BUT it doesn't really hold my attention very well. The song doesn't, to me, quite seem 'in-your-face' enough, and a good bit of the samples sound overly fake to me.

I'm no musician, but my advice would be to look into your samples and see if you can, anywhere, add a little bit more POW to the whole thing.

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WTF i wrote a long post about this and it isn't here!? Sorry dude I'll try to make a shortened version.

Composition is great! Although get some dynamics in that melody. Really explore up and down the scale. This piece has a great feel, and giving the melodies even more life could really make this stand out.

Hand drum is too loud in the beggining, it overshadows everything. All of the melodies are too soft.

Get some type of bass sound and some type of kick in there at places to really give this some good rythmix vibes.

Yeah the samples are pretty lo-fi and that's gonna be something very hard to rectify.

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