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    Born and raised in Georgia. Now living in South Korea, working for the Army. Lifetime fan of VG music and JRPGs. Favorites include FFVI, IX, X, Disgaea, and Persona 4.
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  1. 1. Pikachu 2. Ike (Fire Emblem) 3. Tanooki Suit Mario (SMB3)
  2. There are sooo many gold tracks on the first post!
  3. I'll be honest. I'm often unimpressed by the albums people post up here, but this one is fantastic. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your future releases. Very, very good stuff.
  4. This would be amazing. But considering the kind of content Squenix has been pumping out for the last few years, this is a pipe dream.
  5. I'm trying this right now with Magic. I'll let you know if it works.
  6. Reuben Kee has always been one of my favorite remixers. I can't believe he's already been gone for ~3 years.
  7. This belongs on OLRemix, not on OCR. The lyrics and the way they're sung both have the vibe of "we did this for the lulz".
  8. Sorry to hear that, Brandon. I'm still looking forward to your remixes, though!
  9. This is a really neat program. I need to go ahead and buy me a keyboard so I can try it out.
  10. I played my first game of HoN earlier today. There's such a steep learning curve with this game! O.o
  11. Audiosurf is a great game. It's getting a little old now, so there's not as much competition on the scoreboards as there once was, but it's still really fun to play.
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