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Noise Pollution - Sonic Spinball


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I had this as a wip a while back - I got a lot of great feedback, but had a hell of a time applying some of the suggestions. I'd like to get it going again, and I've already made a few changes.


Ignore the 13 seconds of silence at the end o_O...

Right after the "stutter" part at 1:40 is where I'd like a solo of something... Just not sure what, yet.

I'd love to organize a remix project for this game, it's got such awesome music.

Feedback plz.

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The leads seem to be coming through just a lil too loud.

This has def been a WIP to look out for, i hope i finish it soon. Bad ace melody and synth leads. I wish the percussion(kick/snare) was a lil punchier and fuller. Giving some rapid fire kicks and snare hits could def add some feel to this one.

I def like the update, everything sounds a lil improved and the new ideas def are sweet.

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