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FF7 The Great Warrior


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I'm not sure whether or not anyone has done a remix of this track, but I went for it anyway. Listen through and give me some advice on how i can make it better.

A couple things I want to note is that I haven't tweaked the ambiances and strings to the sound I want yet and that I relise that the strumming half way through sounds a little mushy so to speak.

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wtf was that? Seriously, all I heard was dissonant guitars, annoying drums, and occasional strings all the way up until 2:00 at which point it turned to occasional strings, crappy MIDIish guitar, and dissonant chords.

Seriously dude, dissonance is ok if you use it very sparsely but when you hear it in almost every chord it's terrible.

That guitar at the end is very fake as well. Every note's the same length and no dynamics. Try to think about how a real guitar is played and mess with the velocities and note lengths. Also try slides and see if they work.

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