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Freelancer Crashes When Connecting to Multiplayer Server


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EDIT: Issue has been resolved. Turns out that the backup CD I was using was improperly copied, and thus didn't function correctly. The person that made the backup for himself (and then let me use it) didn't include all of the necessary files from the original. Not sure how one does that, but whatever. Issue resolved, thread can be locked/deleted.

The title is the short version. Here's the long:

I've been playing Microsoft's Freelancer for a few days now on single player mode. Essentially everything works just fine; no bugs, no problems, no issues to speak of while playing the game, aside from one issue I will detail later. I now want to play it on multiplayer mode, but there's obviously a problem.

I can get to the Server Database screen perfectly fine. The servers that are up are displayed and I can select one and read the description. However, when I press the "Connect" button, the game immediately minimizes to the desktop, freezes, and after about 20 seconds, crashes. For the first few seconds after the game minimizes, I can't do anything with the computer, but I can still hear the music from the game playing. Once I regain control of the computer (ie: the mouse), the music stops playing, but the game is still in the taskbar. At this point, I can either try to go back into the game or wait. If I wait, the "____ has encountered an error and needs to be shut down" type message pops up with the option to Send or Not Send an error report. If I try to get back into the game, I can't do anything with the computer again, the music begins to play again, but nothing else happens until that same error message comes up. Once it comes up, the computer is fine, and I can immediately restart the game.

Also, the Event Log indicates that the Event ID of the error is 1000 (there was also a 1001 for the last time I tried it). Here's what it said:

The description for Event ID ( 1000 ) in Source ( Freelancer ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: freelanc.exe, 1.0.1223.11, remoteserver.dll, 1.0.1223.11, 000017d4.

I have my suspicions that the remoteserver.dll mentioned is the problem, but I don't know much about these Error Logs.

Now, I already know two of the things people are likely to suggest, so I'll bat them down first:

1. Since the game runs fine in single player mode, it is unlikely that the graphics/sound cards/drivers are causing the problem. In regards to the drivers, the card I have (nVIDIA GeForce Go 6800) doesn't seem to have any newer drivers than the ones I have already, and it seems like my sound card (SigmaTel C-Major Audio) is the same.

2. I've tried doing this with and without my Firewall/Antivirus running (ZoneAlarm). Neither method works any differently.

Now, I do know of one issue that occurs with the game. When I manually minimize it myself (or if another program does it, like an AIM message window coming up), then bring it back up to play, it isn't long before my computer BSoDs; typically within a minute of resuming play. I believe the error code was 0x0A or 0xA1... something of that nature... I didn't look at it carefully the last time it happened. I might try to induce it again so I can get the details down on it. Anyway, perhaps there's a connection between the two problems?

Alright, yeah, long post... Stopping now. Thanks in advance!

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