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Jazz Jackrabbit - Tubelectric

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--> VERSION 2a

So, here's the new stuff.


It's still unfinished. I tried to put the Jazz Jackrabbit main theme at the end, but I'm not really sure if that fits the mood of the song. And there's some kind of marimba thing somewhere LOL.

(and sorry about the 5 second-silence at the beginning :-P )

What do you think? Is this mix HOT or NOT ?

-------- Previous versions ----------

--> Version 1


Had some inspiration on Nine Inch Nails distorted electronic stuff.

So, here are the questions for you all:

Is it worthy to finish the mix?

In case it is, do you think judges would accept this?


This is what is said in the beginning of the mix

"This is a story about man,

about the ending that became the beginning,

about the lost sons,

and forgotten heroes

this is a story about ourselves"

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Hey dude wats up!

I'm def liking the feel of this so far. I'd say give it another update and see what you can come up with. If you can get a bitchin melody in this it'll be friggin awesome. The rythms pack a lot of energy and sound nice and phat. The harmonies you got goin on are good.

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It would be a horrible, horrible crime not to finish this man....I was lovin the force you built up in the song, those 46 seconds left me wanting more. It seems like you have a knack for using distorted sounds in a non-distorted way (if that makes any sense). The song is industrial yet isnt convoluted or over-clustered. Keep it up : )

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Hey!, thanks a lot dudes!.

But, really there is some stuff that worries me.For example the violins sound fake as hell (okay, i'll just change the samples a bit :P) , and I'll have to do a bigger intro (is not that I prefer long intros... but judges do). Usually I'm a very acoustic/percussive/real-instrument dude, but man, I've been recently digging this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGe_4QUeMNc . I guess I'll put in this Jazz jackrabbit remix ALL the experimental sh*t that comes into my mind. Crazy drum solos, remixed voice, guitar, violins,..... madness!!.

So... yeah, expect another update for next friday. I think that avaris is quite right about the "Melody" idea, so I'll try to make a kickass riff out from jazz jackrabbit

Please, be CRITICAL if you have to... i wanna have a freaking mix accepted on Ocremix at last!, so all the criticism is accepted

To Avaris : dude, it's been a LOONG time!. I've been hell busy studying, and will probably be till june. But... how the hell is that you have 1000 posts? Holy sh*t!! You've grown up a lot since i last saw you :-D

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Yeah dude this semester has been kickin my ass too, it's almost over though. Oh yeah all the posts...most of em have been here in the WIP forums.:)!!

If you're really wanting this to get on OCR IMO a couple things to keep in mind:

Make the fruity peak controller your bitch lover. Take a bunch of thin pads as background music and tie them together with all the different levels of percussion. This should give the piece an assload worth of movement. The peak controller ain't easy to use though.

Def throw in some hard panning left and right. Some ping pong panning. All that good stuff. I'd prob use a nice analog synth for the lead set on legato with a lil bit of portamento for some movement. If you don't got a good analog synth, just sequence out the melody and I can use Pro53 to make a bitchin lead sound for you.

If you want I can the final master on this for you. I got some nice plugins now that can really boost the quality on the final master.

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Yeah... great advise dude... you're becoming a master quite soon. As for 00:19, I have to change the strings (i dunno whhy i used that crappy sample), and add a hell load more of "tension" there... hey , what about putting an F18 taking off on that part. That way, I would fake a crescendo, and it would sound very cool.

Now about the drumming.. there are already about 4 layers of drums... but yeah, maybe I can put even more. I've thought on a crazy tribal drum solo over the techno beat that could sound cool.

And, I've already thought about the panning, but I've already used some of that stuff in previous mixes, and the results were catastrophic.... the music sounded very cool of course, but the judges found that confusing. So, I can't pull very much of the counterpoint and melodic complexity here. But ,i can still try some experimental shits.... like adding some singed parts, playing even more guitar at this, or adding tribal-techno drum solos (umm... remember Safri duo? ) . And yeah... got the point about the main melody hard-work. that seems to be an important issue here.

And other thing... ...peak controller? Sh*t I'll start using that right now!. I'll see what I can do with that.

Next friday, I'll start working on this once again. Let's see if I can finish all the tune (so, I'll post here again.... ideas and stuff, etc . . ) ... So, if you feel the mastering can be improved, is all yours. Thanks dude

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Yep, avaris has become quite good on terms on production on FL. Real helper right there. Haha, man when I opened up the link, this wasn't what I expected to come from you! O.O Cool shit!


Crud where'd you find that marimba instrument dude. I luv the woodiness on it. Hope it's a soundfont, cuz I'm seriously needing something like that.

KK, sickass song. That processed lead you got there could have maybe a little more crunch to it, but really, nice job. Great to cya around again!

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Shit, I would've never imagined I'd be missed so much from the community *LOL*. The marimbas (xylophone... whatever the name is) are from Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO)... um.. about 1 or 2 gigabyte sample pack (well, 4 cd's , you can use them in FL as plugins, like wasp, or plucked (plucked sucks)) . There are some nice marimba soundfonts out there, but I'd recommend you getting the GPO, or the Edirol Orchestral, those plugins contain everything in the orchestra.

I think i should add more stuff to the marimba part, to make it sound really different. And, okay, I'll give a try to make more Crunchy the lead.. but, you gotta explain me what do you exactly mean :-P

Anyway, I still gotta work some more on this. New stuff for next week, I promise.

Thank u all guys!

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I luv the woodiness on it.


In the marimba part IMO have an fx sound decrescendo in the beggining and then crescendo back up again. Also try out some stutters by using 128th notes in the piano on some of the natural instruments. Use them in places for build ups and breakdown. It's kind of a gimmick but I think it would go well with this song. The beggining of the marimba part sounds like one of the songs from chrono trigger, I think frog's theme.

All the rythms and basic stuff you got goin on sounds really sound good. Lots of little things in this I keep on picking up after a few listens. Keep on adding more production values and melodies and harmonies.

The hats and crashes sound really good but could be masking some of the FX and harmonies a lil bit. Try cutting all the freqs below 500 or 600hz and see if that allows some of the background elements to shine through more.

One thing on the arrangement, where is this piece goin? It sounds awesome, but I am not getting a clear sense of the overal picture in terms of how the different sections tie in together. This is def one of my biggest problems too, it ain't easy.

The strings playing marcato sound amazing, def concentrate on utilizing them more in later sections. The synth design is simple but def fits the song.

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