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  1. Hi, everyone, this is a remix I had started work on about a week ago, which I plan on using as background music in a Kirby game I'm currently editing. the linkAnd the sourceIt's relatively short since I plan on using it as background music; I'll be working on it further down the line though. All comments appreciated!
  2. I think having the formal tone is a really good idea....helps to keep things objective, and prevents things from being too vague or ambiguous. It should definitely be used in conjunction with more specific, detailed feedback. I think itll help a lot of individuals looking for comments on thier WIPs, as well as help those critiquing know what parameters to judge upon.
  3. Dr. Rod

    Piano Processing

    Thanks everyone for your input on this....Ive been having trouble mainly because the kind of techno / semi-trancey style Im working in really constrains the tempo of the piece (I dont want to completely disconnect it from the beats). I never even thought about varying the chord velocity/timing or the point about pedaling though. In any case though, it seems like I'll have to sacrifice either the steadiness of the beats or some of the humanity in the piano. Ive got a bit of a challenge ahead : /
  4. Dr. Rod

    Super Metroid - Boss

    Listening to it now....I can recognize the source without having to check the midi, so thats a good thing. Loved the switch ups in tempo and the varying drumwork, in fact thats what made this mix stand out from so many other Ridley mixes I've heard. The beginning and middle seems much more melodically interpretative than the ending section, I would work on interpreting the ending more. Also most of the time the melody is doubled at a different octave; not bad at all, but you definitely need some new harmonic content (chords, countermelodies) to give it depth. As far as production, adding more intense presence to the drums (volume, EQ) could give this a lot more power. Right now the drums are sequenced strongly and the transition great, but they still sound a little too light. Also I would suggest articulating your leads more (frequency automation, EQ, playing with effects like chorus and distortion). Being a Super Metroid fan, I love this source and I love where youre going with it. Stick with it!
  5. Dr. Rod

    Recording Video to PC

    In anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ive been gettin together the accessories I'll want in advance. One of thesee is something I can use to record my Wii gameplay directly to PC (to create gameplay videos like those on YouTube). Unfortunately, I ave no idea what thats called (Video to PC recorder??), or what would be the best device for that specific purpose. Can anyone give any recommendations? Or even just help me with the terminology?
  6. I've been trying to refine a piano I'm using in a Reason project of mine to make it more realistic. I've managed to improve on its realism using velocity editing, but Im kind of at a wall now with what else to do to give it a really rich, realistic sound. The whole project is an electric/synth piece, if that makes any difference as to how I should process it. Are there any general tips as far as processing/humanizing a piano (like with reverb, ASDR, EQ etc.)?
  7. Dr. Rod

    The Evil King Koopa - ReMix

    The original's from Super Mario Bros. 3, the Bowser Battle. The SMRPG version has a transitional section the original doesn't have. Thanks for your feedback everyone....Ive brought out the bass more and played with the EQ and panning effects on the synths. It doesnt sound as hollow as before, and Ive done more to vary up the percussion about halfway through the song, just to spice things up. Also I've "thickened" the pre-ending section. I still need to work more with the piano though; it sounds a bit fuller, but not exactly how I want quite yet. I'll be mainly working with the piano (which has proved more elaborate than I initially thought) and balancing now, unless some other issues appear. Heres a fresh link (also in the first post): http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/0.1TheEvilKingKoopa-ReMix.mp3
  8. Dr. Rod

    The Evil King Koopa - ReMix

    Thanks, I havent had much time to work on this (again due to school), but I'll be able to really do stuff with it this coming weekend. I'll mainly focus on humanizing the piano (as all of you have pointed out) and workin more with the percussion, which in retrospect i feel like I've neglected. And, per Rozo's suggestions, I'll be making things more elaborate as well (more so through instrument refinement and supporting sounds) Hopefully I can put out an update in a few days, Im definitely gonna keep at this one though : )
  9. Hi everyone, its been a good few months since Ive attempted anything (School is not fun), so I figured it was time I work on somethin again. I started this about 2 weeks ago, and have been workin on and off. Due to the 16 seconds of repetitive source, its more liberal in some places than others, but the source is there. I may work on this more, especially as far as making it more fluid....I guess thats what feedback is for : ) Heres the Source: http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/TheEvilKingKoopa.mp3 Heres the ReMix ( 2/18 ): http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/0.1TheEvilKingKoopa-ReMix.mp3 First Version ( ~1/25 ): http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/TheEvilKingKoopa-ReMix.mp3
  10. Dr. Rod

    super metroid horror flick

    Oh man, Samus meets Psycho, lol.....The sound effects and percussion were pretty hot, I wasnt feeling the bubbling sounds as much, but overall I liked this. The moans are a little porno-esque (I think thats the right word) too, which isnt really bad or good, just worth noting : )
  11. Arrangement wise, this is interesting and shows a lot of potential. Its really the production thats holding things back, things get cluttered in some places to where its hard to tell whats the main instrument. Work on using mixing (volume, panning, eq, etc.) to really bring out what you want to be the main focus. I like where the arangement takes things, and Id love to see more later on. Keep at it!
  12. Dr. Rod

    Fire Emblem / SSBM - Together We Ride

    I can hear the source pretty clearly throughout most of the song, so that wasnt a problem for me. Liberal, yes, but I can hear it. I agree though thet the transitions need more fluidity to them. Otherwise our production sounds pretty good to me, and I like your arrangement, so Id say this just needs more work on the transitions before ur ready to submit.
  13. Wow, love this. Definitely has a chill, sexy vibe to it, and the solos are sweet.....great stuff, this'll go on my playlist right now!
  14. Wow, this track really suprised me. The fusion of various genre elements was done incredibly well, yet it still carries some of your signature production techniques and sounds (I could definitely hear the TEEM.ROKIT and REAKTR1 in there, and even a little Final Panic). Everything is crisp and clean and the dark, tense vibe is there. Even not knowing the source I would assume this was from a boss battle or some similar climatic event. What a great track, definitely represents the high quality and intricacy of the project as a whole.
  15. Dr. Rod

    How has OCR enhanced your life?

    OCR has really exposed me to the music beyond my favorite radio stations....it showed me genres that I never knew existed. Ultimately, it made me into a musician, literally starting from having no musical knowledge when I made my profile here nine months ago to where I am now.....and most important to me, it showed me the comraderie and brotherhood that can exist in online communities...Ive made a few very close friends off OCR. So in short, it made me a more talented and more experienced person.